Northern Peru

Rural tourism training in Northern Peru – Tourism and Development

As you have already read in various articles, we support rural tourism, which means for us: supporting our local partners in their participation in the local tourism development. To do this, we hired Léa for three months for a rural tourism training. She did an internship in responsible and rural tourism in two communities. Lea Rural tourism training in Northern Peru – Tourism and Development

Tipping in Peru, good practices

In some countries, such as the United States, it is very common to tip for services. This cultural practice is not so obvious for other countries. So we prepared  this article to help you get an idea about tipping in Peru, which is (by the way) not mandatory at all. We decided to quote in Soles Tipping in Peru, good practices

Discover Cerro Sechin

Visite le nord du Pérou

Cerro Sechin is one of the most mysterious sites that can be visited on the central and northern coast of Peru. It is also one of the oldest. Sechin is located about 300 kilometers north of the capital, Lima. We are 13 kilometers from the Pacific, on the coast of the Ancash region, 5 kilometers Discover Cerro Sechin

Sun and Moon Temples

Just 30 minutes outside of Trujillo, the Sun and Moon Temples are a very important archaeological site in the region of La Libertad, on the north coast of Peru. Its construction was carried out for several hundred years. It was made by the Moche Culture (pronounced Mot-ché) who lived between 100 and 800 d. C. Les Moche had Sun and Moon Temples

Chachapoya culture

The Chachapoya people This is the article of Jhon Garcia, who is working with us as an official tour guide. He loves archaeology and sharing his knowledge with our clients. Today he tries to give a little light on the origine of the Chachapoya culture, situated in the region of Amazonas, in the Andes in Chachapoya culture

The 10 best Sites of Archaeology in Northern Peru

Archaeology in Northern Peru offers never ending material. Peru is fortunate enough having tons of archaeological sites throughout its whole territory, famous for their buildings and great political-religious development. Much more is known and spoken about the Incas, as Machu Picchu leading the list of the most visited archaeological sites. There are many more archaeological The 10 best Sites of Archaeology in Northern Peru