I tested for you- El Porton Hotel

Staying at El Porton Hotel

The hotel that I want to present today is called “ El Porton”. It is located in the beautiful city of Moyobamba.

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Moyobamba, capital of the San Martin region

Moyobamaba is the capital of the San Martin region, neighbour of our Amazonas region, always in Northern Peru. On the road through the Andes, about 250 kilometres separate Moyobamba to Chachapoyas.

First city founded in the Amazon by the Spaniards in 1540, it had its peak during the second half of the 19th century. At this time even some embassies installed their base there, including France. Times have changed since, such as the architecture, unfortunately helped by some earthquakes.

Main square of Moyobamba

Moyobamba city, however, remains a pleasant stay where you can taste the food, enjoy the thermal baths of San Mateo or visit the orchid gardens, like the one of Waqanki.

Located 860 metres above sea level, the weather is nice here, generally warm anyway.

It will take you a little more than 4 hours to complete the trip in a private car from Chachapoyas, a little longer in “Combi” (public transportation).

The route is interesting and deserves to take some breaks. So it becomes a less tortuous journey to reach the San Martin region.

Today we are on the way to accompany my parents to the airport of Tarapoto, 110km or 1 hour 40 minutes beyond Moyobamba.

Arrival at “El Porton” Hotel, Moyobamba

We booked two rooms at a hotel in the center of Moyobamba. We had the opportunity to visit the hotel last year during a previous visit to the region, but didn’t stay there.

El Porton Moyobamba

The hotel is called “El Porton” and it was created 5 years ago, by Mr. Alfonso Reina. We are literally 2 blocks from the central square of Moyobamba and also very close to its market.

street of Moyobamba

It is not easy to park in the most central area, with all these mototaxis and all those bikes in circulation that also occupy all parking spaces.

El Porton provides you with a path to the driveway where you can park two cars, no more. So I stop at this entry trying not to obstruct traffic. Mr. Alfonso is at home, so he opens the door and I can park the car overnight. Not many tourists come with their own car, so I guess there usually is no parking problem.

garden hotel El Porton

We take possession of our rooms. The interior gardens of El Porton Hotel are still as beautiful and cared as we have them in our memory.

room hotel El Porton

The rooms are very clean and tastefully decorated and joy.

A strategic location

I want to take a walk on the side of Punta Tahuishco and enjoy the view over the Mayo River. We take a moto taxi. I asked the price to Mr. Alfonso. He informed me that the ride should not cost more than 2 soles.

Moto taxi Moyobamba

Using this type of transportation to travel is always popular, right?

We reach the view point. Lots of little tiendas are there with “roasted plantains”, ripe plantains that people eat while walking. It is a place to walk stroll around or even walk down to the port at the Mayo River.

panorama punta Tahuishco

You realise that the city is built 80 meter above the river. Reassuring when you know how rains can be violent from time to time.

street punta tahuishco

The small streets of this neighbourhood are very quiet and very pleasant to walk.

We take the same means of transport to return to our Hotel, by the street San Martin. Just in time, as it starts to rain. A good storm is about to burst. Mr. Alfonso is very helpful, he serves us a cold beer and one Inka cola.

lobby hotel El Porton

The opportunity to test the quality of the hotel’s wifi, really excellent, even in the rooms.

A quiet hotel in the center of the Moyobamba city

Although El Porton is located in the center of Moyobamba, your nights will only be interrupted by the sounds of birds.

   room El Porton

The rooms are comfortable, even if the hot water takes a while to get to the shower. There is no air conditioning, but there are fans in case you are too hot. In Moyobamba, we can always expect temperatures to drop down overnight.

We like our night at this small hotel, which is a family business and conveniently located less than 2 blocks from the central square or the city market. The room rate for a couple is 80 soles or a little less than $25 (January 2016 rates and a dollar to S/ 3.50) and an executive room (business and for a single person!) S/. 70.

El Porton Moyobamba

Breakfast is served in another very nice corner very of the hotel El Porton. It consists of traditional dishes: Tamales (white corn or white corn paste that is steamed, in which today we found meat), coffee, fresh fruit juice. It is not included in the room rate and costs a supplement of 10 soles (a little less than 3 dollars).

  central market Moyobambamarket moyobamba

Before hitting the road, I will go for a walk to the city market near to the Hotel.

A night in El Porton is definitely worth it. It is an Oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the bustling, but always very charming city of Moyobamba.

It is an alternative to the Casa de Seizo, a little out of town, as mentioned in a previous post.

I will soon talk about a restaurant in Moyobamba that I always recommend !

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