I tested for you: La Olla de Barro, restaurant in Moyobamba

La Olla de Barro, a restaurant in Moyobamba

Tonight we will have dinner in a restaurant in Moyobamba called “La Olla de Barro”, located just one block away from the central square, specifically the corner of Pedro Canga, that actually leaves the Plaza and Serafin Filomeno. The restaurant is well known for its typical regional cuisine.

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outside restaurant Olla de Barro, Moyobamba

We are traveling in northern Peru, in the San Martin region, which is the neighbour region of Amazonas. Moyobamba is the capital of this region.

La Olla de Barro” is a restaurant known for serving, among other things, good and traditional dishes of the region. Let’s see!

La Olla de Barro, first pleasant surroundings and a warm welcome

When we enter, immediately the place and the exotic decoration form a relaxed atmosphere and is very pleasant. Even on this rainy afternoon.


In “La Olla de Barro”, they welcome us to enter. I mean, yes greeted by a smiling and attentive server. Excellent point.

The menu consists of several pages, as it should be in Peruvian restaurants. It offers well-known Peruvian dishes as pork rinds, ceviche, avocado stuffed with chicken, lomito saltado. But also some burgers and sandwiches and a small dessert menu. We can also choose in the showcase located in the restaurant.

La Olla de Barro, the good taste of Peruvian cuisine

Well, let’s order some good dishes as “causa rellena” , “ Juane avispa” and “ tacacho con cecina”. La Olla de Barro is definitely the right place to discover regional cuisine.

The “causa” with tuna and peas is very fresh – a treat

causa rellena con atun

Juane Avispa

Juane is one of the stars on the menus in the area, a classic! This is a paste made with rice not with yucca as  in Amazonas. The rice is flavoured with coriander, and inside, as always chicken. Ouaaaah! Here the Juane is just delicious.

Juane avispa

La Cecina

La Cecina is very well prepared, not dry at all. Even “los tallarines” or a kind of pasta have this cecina smell that you have your mouth watering. Everything is excellent.

Tacacho con cecina

An idea of the prices

Taking in consideration the really good food and the waiters attention, the prices are very reasonable.

  • La causa 8 Soles or 2,30 Euros
  • Avispa Juane 22 soles or 6 Euros
  • Pastas 18 soles or 5 Euros
  • Tacacho con cecina 22 soles or 6 Euros.


Well, let’s make it short “La Olla de Barro” is a very good place to discover the dishes of a region rich in flavours of the Amazon.

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