Capital of San Martin

Moyobamba : between Andes and Amazonian Jungle

Plaza de Armas, Moyobamba Northern Peru

The town of Moyobamba is the capital of the San Martin region. It is not the biggest town in San Martin (this is Tarapoto with the airport), but it was the political and diplomatical center about 100 years ago. The embassies of France, Germany and the United States were in Moyobamba. This city is situated in the region of Alto Mayo at an altitude of 860 m. It is less hot than in Tarapoto.

Today the city center around the Plaza de Armas is animated and street culture is very present in the quarter of Zarragoza around the Punta de Tahuishco. The mural paintings give ths houses an impression of Caribbean and holidays 🙂 From the view point you have a stunning view on the valley of the River Mayo.

Moyobamba San Martin Northern Peru    stay in moyobamba northern peru

What to do in Moyobamba ?

Just outside the town, by taking the direction of Jepelacio, are the Aguas termales, well known for their medicinal and relaxing virtues. Just before on the same road is the Orquideario. There you can see the typical orchids and bromelids of the region. If you have the time, also have a look at the Botanical Garden to learn more about the medicinal plants of the San Martin region in Northern Peru.

In the surroundings of Moyobamba you have several natural wonders to discover: The private conservation areas of Tingana or of Santa Elena, close to Rioja (about 20 minutes from Moyobamba by car), where you can make a canoe tour and see monkeys and birds in freedom.

The landscape around Moyobamba, San Martin is luxurious and green – between rice fields and the different preservation iniatives for pristine forest and mangroves – it is exotic and relaxing at the same time.

Rio Negro, San Martin, Northern peru     Rice fields San Martin Northern Peru

Another nice place to visit is the nature reserve of Yacumama, just about 30 minutes outside of the capital town. Natural surroundings, great food, easy hiking and lots of birds.

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