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Our values

Responsible and rural tourism has been the mission of Phima Voyages since our beginning in 2015. You will find all the details concerning these values in the 3 squares above.

Our commitment for Travelife

We are very proud to inform you that Phima Voyages has received the Travelife Partner Award in 2019, a recognition in the world of tourism for the sustainability and social responsibility of our company! All the more important because we were the 2nd agency that has been certified in Peru! The certification has expired in November 2021 and was put on hold during the pandemic. But we just received our renewal certification !!

Internationally recognised, Travelife is a three-stage certification program for tour operators and travel agents: 

  1. Travelife Engaged; 
  2. Travelife Partner
  3. and Travelife Certified. 

Phima Voyages is complying to more than 100 criteria related

  • to sustainability management,
  • office operations,
  • working with suppliers and customer communication.

What Phima Voyages offers

Our values ​​affect you and the trips we offer!

Why ? Because Phima Voyages creates tailor-made trips for you in collaboration with our local partners: guides, small family-run hotels, craftsmen and artists, drivers.

  • You are sure to make a unique trip that suits exactly your expectations. You will live experiences with the local population and know the traditions and customs of the country.
  • Our local partners receive an additional, fair income that helps them to improve their daily living conditions. At the same time, it helps them maintain their ancestral cultures and traditions.

Discover the Phima Voyages team

Phima Voyages was created by Philippe and Martina Capel, a Franco-German couple in 2015 in Chachapoyas in the north of Peru with the mission of involving local residents in the development of tourism in their regions.

We have started with responsible and rural trips to north of Peru, but have since grown by opening other countries of Latin America, Colombia and Chile to be able to offer you more exceptional trips, always with the same responsible objectives.


To date we are a small team in Peru who takes care of your bookings and operations on site.

Martina and Philippe, the cofounders, go back and forth between France and Peru and manage the marketing and development part via internet.

In Chile and Colombia we have our local partners who take over for the operation of your trip in their respective country. They have been trained by us to give you the same quality service as in Peru.


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