Travelife – our journey to sustainability

As you already know, Phima Voyages works with the local population and tries to maximize the positive impact of these trips with its partners on site. In order to be able to move forward in a guided and constant manner, we decided in 2019 to obtain Travelife certification.

What is Travelife ?

Internationally recognised, Travelife is a three-stage certification program for tour operators and travel agents.

Travelife Partner Certification

The Travelife standard covers different themes of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ISO 26000. The certification proves the concrete actions carried out by Phima Voyages to protect communities, the economy as well as local fauna and flora.

It was important for us to engage in a continuous approach with tangible and measurable actions, in order to avoid any form of “greenwashing”.

Therefore we prepare every year a responsibility report. You can read the latest report here.

Our Sustainability Policy is currently a 60 page document which we are constantly updating and improving.

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