Mission Statement

One of Phima Voyages’ mission is to support a sustainable society and sustainable trade. Our sustainability policy tries to minimize all negative effects on the natural and social environment.

Therefore it is our mission to support our business partners towards more sustainability and create more sustainability awareness among our guests.

We work on the three principles of sustainable tourism: People, Planet, Profit. By accompanying local communities in their tourism development, through conservation of the environment and their culture and traditions, we help them to gain a supplementary income.

Our mission values

  • Honesty: Be fair with the prices for our customers and payments to our suppliers.
  • Sustainability: Promote tourism that does not degrade the environment and promotes benefits to remote communities.
  • Quality: Comply with what we promise, to meet the demands and requests of our customers in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Transparency: Truthfully communicate our actions in the implementation of sustainable tourism programs.
  • Teamwork: The whole team can give some ideas about the company and is listen. All the employees offer a mutual support for any case.

Code of ethics

The human in the first place is a priority. That’s why Phima Voyages works with a code of ethics, engaged for the following mission:

  • We do not support the exploitation of children and adolescents in any form, especially sexual exploitation and labor.
  • Phima Voyages does not agree with any social prejudice situations, such as the discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, dress, or any cultural expression in a particular place.
  • We do not work with people with any link of traffic drugs.

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