Visit Peru

Visit Peru, more precisely Northern Peru – still unknown, but so rich in archaeology, nature and cultural discoveries.

Northern Peru – extremely rich in archaeology, nature and cultural discoveries. Visiting Peru can also mean going beyond Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca or the magnificent city of Arequipa.

Explore the north – you will come across spectacular museums and impressive pre-Inca sites, many of which are UNESCO heritage sites.

For lovers of nature, flora and fauna, you have a large choice of nature reserves and national parks. But also a choice between climate zones, each with their own biodiversity! So you might want to visit the conservation areas in the arid regions of the coast or the abundant forests in the Andes or rather the ones in the Amazon jungle – but why choose?

Apart from archaeological or natural sites, let’s not forget the friendliness of the Peruvians. They are delighted to share their culture and traditions with you. So far there are not many visitors in Northern Peru and you can immerse in a still authentic region.

Take part in a weaving or coffee activity and spend time with our local partners. Another way to discover a country and to leave it much richer with knowledge and friends. We offer different activities, even homestays for total immersion.



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