Amazonas region

and its capital city Chachapoyas

The Amazonas region

The Amazonas region – not to be confused with the Amazonia and the jungle ! – is situated in the Andes in Northern Peru, close to the Ecuadorian border. The region extends from 400m to 3,600m altitude, which explains the great variety of flora and fauna.

Amazonas is far from Lima, but its tourist development is booming. Here you can still explore the region and have the feeling of being the first one to do so. You will learn a lot from your local guides and you can share with local people.

What to do in the Amazonas region ?

Visit Chachapoyas

The capital of the region, the town of Chachapoyas, is at 2,335 m altitude. It is the perfect place to explore the archeological sites of the surroundings. It is a charming and calm little town. You can visit its Plaza de Armas, walk through its streets with colonial style white houses and their wooden balconies. And for sure, use it as a base to explore the nearby sites ! The covered market of Chachapoyas is only one block from the Plaza de Armas and it is worth a visit.

 Chachapoyas, Amazonas

Visit archeological sites

It is in this region in Northern Peru that you will find the ruins of Kuelap – that are even older than the Machu Picchu- or the Sarophagi of Karajia. But there are also the Museum of Leymebamba with its 210 mummies and an unique exposition of quipus, the Mausoleum of Revash or the site of the Village of the Dead. And this is not an exhaustive list : it’s an area where you have to slow down and take your time.

      Ruins of round houses in Kuélap.

Meet with nature

On the nature side, the Amazonas region is just exceptional. You will find the waterfalls of Gocta (considered as the 3rd highest in the world), the waterfalls of Yumbilla, the Laguna of Pomacocha or the Laguna of the Condors. For bird lovers, it is only in the Amazonas region that you can find the famous Spatuletail Hummingbird, a hummingbird with a tail divided in two and spatulas on each end. Another very interesting bird is the Peruvian national bird : the Gallito de las Rocas – a red bird with a cockscomb.

Gocta watefall, Amazonas region

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