Northern Peru

From west to east

Do you know the North of Peru ?

At this point in time, the North of Peru is much less known than the South. But it is rapidly developing its tourism infrastructure to match its spectacular attractions. Plan your trip to Northern Peru right now and enjoy its natural wonders, lovely people and ancient pre-Inca archaeological sites.

To better understand the Northern regions, let’s start at the Ecuadorian border. On the west, you have the regions of Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque, and La Libertad on the Northern Coast of Peru. Moving east, you have the regions of Amazonas and Cajamarca, in the interior of the country and traversing the Andes. On the east side of Peru you have the regions of San Martin and Loreto that compose what is known as Amazonia and that cross the border to Ecuador and Brazil.

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The coast of Northern Peru

The regions of Tumbes and Piura are just perfect for a beach holiday in Northern Peru. The waters of the Pacific Ocean are warm so you can enjoy swimming, diving or surfing.

beach coast Northern Peru

The regions of Lambayeque and La Libertad are well-known for their archaeological wealth and their nature reserves. Here you will find the Sun and Moon Temples, the archaeological site of Chan Chan, the Museum of Tumbas Reales (one of the best in Peru), or the Pyramids of Tucume. In Trujillo, the regional capital of La Libertad, you can do some shopping or go for a stroll. Huanchaco or Pimentel, two villages at the seaside, are just perfect for a relaxing stay in Northern Peru.

Adjoining the Lambayeque and La Libertad regions is the region of Cajamarca. More historical and archaeological sites await you. It was in Cajamarca that the Spanish killed Atahualpa, the last Incan Emperor AFTER the Incas had paid the ransom in gold and silver as claimed by the Spanish.

Pyramide de Tucume, Northern Peru

The Northern Peru Andes

Next is Amazonas region, neighbouring Ecuador inside the country. This region, mainly situated in the Andes, is where you will make exceptional discoveries: The waterfalls of Gocta and Yumbilla, well known for being among the highest ones in the world; Kuelap, the fortress of the Chachapoyas that is even older than the Machu Picchu; unique birds like the Spatuletail Colibri and many other amazing discoveries.

archaeological site kuelap

North Peruvian Amazonia

The region of San Martin offers an overview of the Amazonian Jungle. You can enjoy a canoe boat trip, visit extraordinary nature reserves, learn all about the production and planting of chocolate beans, get to know indigenous people and many more activities.

Tingana Conservation Area San Martin

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