The Huamanpata Lake

We have already talked about the Huamanpata Lake, located near Rodriguez de Mendoza, in the Amazonas region in northern Peru, in October. The kids and I wanted to go back to the lagoon, but this time when it is filled with water.

That was actually the first weekend of June. We left Chachapoyas at 6 am in the morning to reach Rodriguez de Mendoza after two hours of driving. Roberto and his wife Carmen were already waiting for us for a new stay on their land in the Lake Huamanpata.

A trek that is always a minimum exhausting

Again the walk to the lake. We start from 1 500 meters above sea level in Mendoza; it rises to over 2 300 meters to descend again to 2 100 meters. Striving because of the intense sun, we are looking forward to achieve the shaded areas. It takes 3 hours and 30 minutes from house to house. And this time we have to finish by canoe. It was good that we only had our backpacks; they contain our stuff for two days.

The lake Huamanpata in version rainy season, a magnificent view

The trip is worth the effort ! We already loved our 2-night stay at the lagoon, last month of October with only a river that meanders through the valley. Imagine when we saw in front of us a huge lake filled with water. Wouaaouhh!! 320 hectares of water surface. It is magnificent!

Immerged little island Lake Huamanpata

Where is the island on top of which we climbed last year? Now it is hidden under a few meters of water.

Great Hosts

Roberto and Carmen Huamanpata

Yes, I am talking about the sense of hospitality of Roberto and his wife Carmen, and I will insist that they are great.

cabane Huamanpata, Lake Huamanpata, Northern Peru

We always have great food at Huamanpata and we sleep in the small wooden houses built by Robert and his son.

The nights are cool at Huamanpata. It is best to bring several layers. However the blankets in the room are plenty. You won’t stay cold very long.

Boat tour in Huamanpata, Amazonas, Phima Voyages

We work a little as  “taxi canoe”, taking other landowners over the lake who came to visit their homes and livestock. A great opportunity to meet people.

We reach the end of the lake. Few people pass through here. Spider colonies can work quietly. As a canvas!

Cliffs in Lake Huamanpata, Amazonas, Northern Peru, Phima Voyages

Cliffs, and the magnificent spectacle that goes with it!

A trip in the countryside

This time we came with our dog. She was in heaven and even learned to swim. We were also joined by Sharon, the 13 year-old daughter of Roberto and Carmen.

Swimming in Huamanpata, Amazonas, Northern Peru

The children get along very well.

We have a great time wandering around in the canoe. And we fish ! The king of fish here is the salmon trout. Let me tell you that it is just excellent.

Beautiful birds northern Peru

Around the lake, there are also very beautiful birds.

Big tree Huamanpata, Northern Peru

You can also walk in the woods and admire the giant trees.

For people who seek nature and calm, the lagoon of Huamanpata  is just paradise. Each season is unique, but it is true that when it is filled, mainly in the months of February to June, it is fabulous.

Rainbow Huamanpata, Amazonas,

We have a good tropical rain, but only in the second part of the afternoon. And it does not last long. But it does give us the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

The Amazonas region, Northern Peru, is definitely worth a longer stay to discover its treasures!

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