San Martin Region

Entre Andes et Jungle amazonienne

San Martin: Lagoons, Waterfalls and Hummingbirds

The region of San Martin is the neighbour region to Amazonas, in Northern Peru. Its altitude ranges from 300m in Tarapoto (close to the Amazonian jungle) to 2,500m on the Andes side. If you like nature, the San Martin region is just right for you.

In Tarapoto, there is a national airport : flights from Lima to Tarapoto take about 1h15. By arriving at the airport, you are in the buzzling town of Tarapoto. On the Shilcayo riverside, it is at an altitude of 300m. Tarapoto is therefore hot and humid. As every big town, Tarapoto has shops, little restaurants, bakeries and its Plaza de Armas.

From Tarapoto you can :

  • Explore different conservation areas such as Cordillera Escalera with its waterfalls.
  • Enjoy  the Laguna Azul – Blue Lagoon- 2h away from Tarapoto. It is an invitation to play any kind of watersports.
  • Discover the village of Lamas, just 15 min by car away from Tarapoto. It is well known for its Quechua-Lamista natives, its castle and its craft.

The Andes Northern Peru

The regional capital of San Martin is Moyobamba, in the region of Alto Mayo. It is a smaller town than Tarapoto, situated at an altitude of 860m. It is a little less hot, but there is still so much to discover :

  • The conservation area of Tingana where you will make a tour by canoe, see monkeys and colorful birds,
  • The orchid garden,
  • The Hot Springs in Moyobamba itself.

    Plaza de Armas, Moyobamba Northern Peru, San Martin

Fauna and flora in San Martin

The San Martin region in Northern Peru is well known for its wildlife and flower diversity. The climat there is warm and rainy. In the rainy season (from November to June), the mangroves fill up with water and flood the surroundings. When the water recedes, it becomes an amazing playground for all kind of birds, insects and monkeys.

The plant diversity is not less impressive. Orchids, bromelias, heliconias and giant farns can be seen. There are also many palm trees like the Palmera Jonda. Many families eat its nutritional rod. But you’ll see many other very exotic plants and trees, like “The walking tree“. This tree throws its roots further and further so you have the impression that it walks !

  Trip into nature, Northern Peru, San Martin

A piece of advice ?

From Tarapoto to Chachapoyas, regional capital of Amazonas, it takes about 6h30 by car, without any stops. The Amazonas region has so many things to offer and to see, that it is better to include it directly in your travel itinerary in Northern Peru.

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