Close to the Jungle

Entrance to Northern Peru and the Jungle

Tarapoto is situated in the San Martin Region in Northern Peru. It is at the entrance to the Amazonian region and the jungle. It is not the regional capital as this is Moyobamba. However, it is the biggest city of San Martin. National flights from Lima arrive right there in just 1h15.

What to do in Tarapoto ?

  • You will see right away that Tarapoto is a real town. Stroll in its Plaza de Armas and do shopping. Enjoy its  numerous cafés and bakeries … And meet its mototaxis ! This kind of transportation is an art, whose rules are still unknown ! The town of Tarapoto is situated at an altitude of 300m on the river Shilcayo. There, the climate is rather hot and humid. You can go on great hiking tours in nature reserves such as Cordillera Escalera. Enjoy its generous nature environment, its waterfalls and multi-colored birds.


  • Only 15 km away from Tarapoto, there is the village of Lamas, at an altitude of 800 m. Therefore, it is immediately a little bit cooler. From there, you have a beautiful view on the valley. Lamas is a charming little village, where you can wander around.  Visit the museum to learn more about the indigenous quechua-lamistas.


  • Another important attraction is the Laguna Azul – the Blue Lagoon. There, you can do watersports such as canoeing, surfing, or just relax. The Blue Lagoon is about 2 hours away from Tarapoto : it is the ideal destination for a day trip or a week-end break.

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