Terms of Sales

Phima Voyages needs the following information to process your trip reservation and confirmation. Be assured that all this information is strictly confidential, and Phima Voyages never makes it public, except in exceptional cases, if the information is necessary to ensure your personal safety or health (as in case of allergies, dietary treatments or restrictions and medications).

How to make your reservation?

Once we have finalized your itinerary and you wish to book, we will send you our Booking document for you to fill in, as we need this information for the smooth process of your trip.

  • Start and end date of the benefit package tour
  • Full name (as written in the passport)
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Drug restrictions
  • Allergies
  • Address, e-mail address, home and emergency telephone

The same document reconfirms the trip you confirm with the link to the detailed itinerary, what is included and the rate of the trip you book.


Once we have all your details, Phima Voyages sends you a payment link in order to confirm your trip.  

We request an initial prepayment of 50% for any program. Payments are made through our Anyroad booking system after we send you the invoice. The remaining 50% will be paid no later than 60 days before the date of your trip with Phima Voyages.

If you have booked less than 60 days before the trip, Phima Voyages requests the full payment of your trip at the time of confirmation. We will send you the invoice for the full amount to be paid.

In case of cancellation from your side more than 60 days before the arrival, 20 % of the total trip amount is retained.

Phima Voyages does not assume the bank charges for any payment made, please check directly with your bank for any applicable charges.


Each participant must comply with the regulations and laws of Peru (Passport, visa, vaccination record, additional documents…) for the entire duration of the trip, as well as respect the country’s customs procedures regulating the export of objects or illegal substances.

Failing these rules and in case the customer won’t be able to present the valid documents the day of departure or any delay will be of entire responsibility of the customer who will take care of all expenses occurred.


Phima Voyages reserves the right to cancel a trip in the following cases:

  • When the customer has not paid the total of the stay, 60 days before arrival. The prepayment won’t be reimbursed in this case.
  • In case of force majeure beyond our responsibility, but that prevent the organization of the trip (strikes, flight cancellations, weather conditions), we will try to propose alternatives for customers already in Peru. Phima Voyages will not cover any expenses incurred by a program change in cases of force majeure.
  • Phima Voyages may be forced to cancel or modify all or part of the stay in case of force majeure (strikes, political unrest, security problems). As this is independent of our will, Phima Voyages does not accept any responsibility for any modification or cancellation, however, will be the only judge for the participants safety.
  • If the customer cancels the trip, this must be in writing, and the passenger needs to explain the reason for the cancellation.
  • If you cancel within 60 days before arrival, the sanctions are:
    • More than 60 days: 20% of the tour price
    • Between 60 and 31 days: 50% of the tour price
    • Between 30 and 16 days: 75% of the tour price
    • Between 15 days and date of arrival: 100% of the price


Phima Voyages includes all services detailed in each of its programs.

Our trips include guide service as follows: We use the services of a local guide (un orientador) whenever possible (this does not mean that they necessarily speak English or French). At the same time, you travel with a private driver as well as an English or French-speaking tour conductor.


  • Airport taxes (national or international)
  • Any national or international airfare not included within travels of Phima Voyages
  • All bus journeys not included in the program of Phima Voyages
  • Excess luggage rates
  • Visits and activities not included in the program
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
  • Meals not indicated in the program
  • Tips to drivers and guides
  • Laundry service
  • Travel insurance
  • Expenses incurred by foreign events in operation with Phima Voyages


We recommend paying your entire trip with your credit card since in most cases this includes repatriation insurance, travel or accident insurance. Please check with your bank.

Otherwise, we recommend to subscribe a travel insurance with our partner company Chapka Assurances. We will ask you to send us proof of your travel insurance, otherwise Phima Voyages declines any responsibility.


Each participant must be aware that there might be risks of all types, due to local conditions (remote medical centers, lack of communication, poor conditions of some infrastructure…) as well as popular activities. Understanding all this information, the customer takes his own responsibilities and can’t transfer any responsibility onto Phima Voyages and its guides.

If the circumstances require (climatic reasons or unforeseen events), Phima Voyages reserves the right to change means of transport, accommodation or routes. Dates and departure times may be subject to change and participants cannot claim any compensation. Phima Voyages reserves the right to expel any time a person from a group whose behavior can be considered as a danger for the safety of the other members of the group or the welfare of the participants. No compensation will be provided.


Phima Voyages works with local partners and the participation of local communities, with a team and trained staff for the proper functioning of the programs. At the same time, Phima Voyages outsources hotel services, restaurants, airlines, public transport and other services. They have also been trained to meet the quality standards that Phima Voyages wants to give to its customers. However, these providers are independent, and we do not have direct control over them.

Therefore, Phima Voyages cannot assume any problem caused by these providers, such as loss of luggage, delays, damages, etc., but we will always be intermediaries in favor of our clients.

The payment of the reservation of our programs is the approval of the terms and conditions and covers all our services.


Our rates are advertised at the time of contract agreement; they can be changed due to the currency fluctuations.


Business name:                CONSULTORES Y SERVICIOS PHIMA SRL

RUC:                                   206 002 45 946

Address:                            Jr. Union 688, Chachapoyas


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