Tipping in Peru, good practices

In some countries, such as the United States, it is very common to tip for services. This cultural practice is not so obvious for other countries. So we prepared  this article to help you get an idea about tipping in Peru, which is (by the way) not mandatory at all.

We decided to quote in Soles in this article, not in US Dollar, as in the Northern parts of Peru, most of the time you will travel in rural regions and pay in Soles and in cash. Please check the current exchange rate before travelling to Peru.

Tipping in Peru in restaurants : 5 – 10% of the bill

In good restaurants, a tip between 5 to 10% of the bill will be appreciated by the waiters. However, the amount you would like to give should depend entirely on the quality of the service you received.

Tipping in Peru

Taxi drivers : usually no tips

Taxis in Peru don’t have taxometers, so it is important to agree on the fare with the driver BEFORE getting in the car. As there are no fixed rates, it is common practice to haggle the price. As a consequence, taxi drivers don’t expect to receive a tip.

Tourist guides : 10 to 30 soles per day

If you have participated in a half-day group excursion you might want to leave a tip, we would suggest anything between 10 to 20 Soles. On the other hand, if you went on a full-day excursion, a tip between 20 to 30 Soles would be appropriate.

Private drivers : 15 to 30 soles per day

Remember that it takes a lot of patience and skill to navigate the Peruvian traffic. If your driver has done a good job, a small tip will be greatly appreciated.

Tipping in Peru

Hotels : 1 to 3 soles per day

Tips in hotels depend on location and standard. For example, large chains and luxury hotels on the North Coast regularly receive tips. On the other hand, the more economical or local hotels in the Northern Andes are not that much used to receive tips. This is why they will even more appreciate your gesture.

You can leave 3 Soles per suitcase to the concierges. For the cleaning service, 1 to 3 soles per night.

Tipping in Peru for treks : Between 160 soles for porters and 210 soles for cooks per trek / group

This is a general recommendation for a standard 4-day trek. If your porters have taken good care of you during the trek, consider giving them a tip of 160 Soles each. If your cook has pampered you with some hearty food, consider giving him a tip of 210 Soles.

Tipping in Peru

In Peru’s most tourist regions, tips are expected. However, it is important that you never feel obliged to leave a tip, but rather use your own judgment when deciding when a tip is appropriate.

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