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Colombia is a beautiful country. Between Andes, Pacific coast and Caribbean coast, you cross different climatic zones and landscapes. In our blog we try to give you all the info on Colombia you might need.

Here you arrived on the General Blog page, but following this link, you arrive on the Visit Colombia page. There you will find at the bottom of the page under the title “More information about Colombia” the different sections of our blog. We have divided it in the following sections:

  • Practical advice and useful info on Colombia
  • Cities
  • Cultural discoveries
  • Nature
  • Archeology

In each section you will find detailed articles

We have prepared detailed guides on topics that should interest you. Let’s start with a sample itinerary that includes the essential sites to visit in Colombia. You can also find practical information such as the seasons, the climate and our recommendations for your luggage. You have summary articles on each region to give you an overview and to be able to make a choice.

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