Phima Voyages declares Climate Emergency

Why declare Climate Emergency?

For years already, we can hear in the news the necessity to act and the need for a radical change. Global warming has accelerated during the last few years. The temperature increase will have a serious impact on our lives, on agriculture, on living conditions, on migration, but also for the tourism industry. With this year’s Australian fire, heavy rain and landslides in France, hurricanes in the US and heat waves throughout the year, it is time to make a change. It is time to declare Climate Emergency !

Time to be conscious and to act according to the already foreseeable consequences of our human actions.

It’s necessary to open our eyes about the massive consumption of resources and make a change. At Phima Voyages, we have been working with the same policy from the beginning in 2015. We try to reduce the negative impact of tourism, being respectful to environment and people and raising awareness to our travelers.

To canalize the commitment from all actors involved in tourism industry, we must design an efficient action plan.

Why does Phima Voyages follow the principles of Tourism Declares?

Our vision as a sustainable company is minimizing our negative impact. Therefore, we agree with Tourism Declares – a global campaign that works encouraging travel businesses to tackle the climate emergency. We have grown with the same vision about the ethics code, considering the human beings and their cultures, environment and profits for every part included.

Since 2019 we plant trees at a rural ACP in the region of Amazonas (Area de Conservacion privada). We also have a sustainable tourism policy. Since 2018 we measure the financial impact of our travelers according to every local partner. In order to be even more involved, we got certified Travelife Partner last year in November. Currently we are working on the next level certification.

Involvement of our local partners

We already started to involve all our partners from in- and outside of Phima Voyages (staff, suppliers and local partners) in a sustainable tourism movement.

For this purpose, we created a private Facebook group where we can exchange best practices and information. We also keep everybody on track. We now will motivate them to join the purpose of Tourism Declares. The objective should be to reduce our carbon emissions as per the advice from the IPCC.

We must start making a change, fixing us goals and give our best, with responsibility and honesty.

Therefore we declare Climate Emergency

Climate emergency, Phima Voyages

By declaring an emergency, we are publicly committing to the following five actions:

  1. Developing a climate emergency plan in which we shall address how we will reduce our impact on the climate
  2. Sharing our commitment and progress publicly
  3. Cut carbon emissions
  4. Work together
  5. Advocate for a change: recognize the need for a system change across the industry. We call for urgent regulatory action to accelerate the transition towards zero carbon air travel.

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