GRI Sustainability report

As you already know, Phima Voyages is involved in the development of responsible and sustainable tourism. On the other hand, these terms are often used for “greenwashing”. In order to show our serious commitment, we became a Travelife Partner in 2019 – and for the same reason we participated in the “Competitive companies program”, with a GRI sustainability report at the beginning of this year.

Since 2018 Phima Voyages is part of the GENES Peru organization (the Gremio Nacional de Emprendimientos Sostenibles del Peru). It is through this network of committed companies that we were able to enter the “Negocios Competitivos du GRI” program.

GRI Sustainability Report

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Through the GENES organization we were able to take advantage of access to the GRI and their program addressed to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Peru “Negocios Competitivos du GRI” and the promotion of responsible practices in these companies.

In the GRI sustainability report we talk about

  • Economy and impact at local community level
  • Anti-corruption at the scale of Phima and in general
  • Biodiversity and our environmental commitment
  • Collaboration and training with communities and social entrepreneurs

You can find the detailed report by following this link.

On Monday July 13 the Ceremonia de Reconocimiento was held online. During the ceremony, the GRI presented 10 companies from Peru with their certificate for the GRI liability report.

Now we have to focus on the fact that this first report is just the start of an ongoing cooperation. The first report is the observation of the company’s situation.

The idea is to

  • improve every year
  • set new goals and become more and more responsible.

See you for the 2021 GRI sustainability report!

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