Colombia with your family and children

After meeting travelers amazed by Colombia, you want to see for yourself the splendors that they talked about. And why not to go to Colombia with your family and children and live an incredible adventure? Children are so curious by nature that they can only adore such an expedition. But is Colombia a place suitable for families? Can you take your children safely, and discover them interesting sites for their age? In our special issue on Colombia with the family, we give you all our practical advice.

Colombia, a safe destination?

It is legitimate to wonder if Colombia is a possible destination for a family trip. There have been many stories dating back decades, between the drug baron Pablo Escobar, and the FARC, who were reigning in a climate of terror. But the good news is that all this is far behind now, especially in the tourist regions. Like everywhere else in the world, it is important to be vigilant and not to display one’s wealth ostentatiously, but there is no reason to worry more than in Paris.

Regarding vaccinations, check the diary of each member of the family and update it if necessary. Also talk to your doctor before leaving, to have peace of mind once there.

Activities to do in Colombia with children

Now that the practical questions are settled, let’s move on to the fun part: the incredible activities you will be able to discover in Colombia with your family and children. There’s something for everyone, and you’ll come back home with unusual stories and pictures.

Collect coffee and learn everything about its production in a finca

For a day of discovery that will appeal to all members of the family, head towards the coffee region, between Manizales and Armenia. Several villages live from the production of this black gold, and are surrounded by plantations. On farms, or finca, it is possible to have a guided tour during which you will be explained all stages of coffee production, and you will even have the chance to participate in the picking of berries.

The little ones will be able to dip their lips in the famous drink, or simply to breathe this good bitter smell. Some farms offer accommodation, which you will share with locals, for an authentic experience. It is also recommended to go for a walk with horses to discover the wax palms, typical of this region.

Make sand castles and dive into the Caribbean Sea with your family and children

Around Cartagena and Santa Marta, there are many beaches that everyone can enjoy. The sea is known to be quite and calm, unlike the Pacific Ocean on the other side.

This is due to the coral reefs that break the waves before they reach the sand. However, always ask locals if swimming is allowed and how are the currents at the precise place where you are. Once you have found the perfect place to splash around with your family, always have your kids swim with armbands. If you are comfortable, you can enjoy the water sports offered everywhere: diving in the open sea or snorkeling with fins and snorkel to admire the Caribbean flora and fauna.

Colombia with children

Take yourself for Dora the Explorer in the jungle of Tayrona Park

This natural park is one of the most famous in the country, for the beauty of its beaches, its forest treks, and its wild animals. This is the opportunity to go on a little adventure with your tribe! What’s more fascinating for a child than seeing groups of monkeys climbing trees and making amazing cries? And what about colorful birds, and iguanas crawling on the trunks?

A walk in the thick vegetation full of flowers and exotic fruits with sweet scents is an experience that we do not forget anytime soon. And once the walk in the jungle is over, you can all cool off in a turquoise blue lagoon bordered by white sand. Parents may be even more dazzled than children.

Learn the basic steps of salsa in Cali

Cali is one of the most famous cities in the world for salsa. Moreover, it’s here that is organized the world festival in September, with all the best dance schools in the region. In addition to attending beautiful shows every day of the year, you can also sign up for an introductory course for the whole family.

The little ones will be happy to be able to move and jump in rhythm, while the adults will return from their stay with knowledge that will always be used on a dance floor. This is an opportunity to spend a special moment together, while doing a physical activity that creates a bond and great memories.

To contemplate big nuggets of gold in the Museum of Bogota

Sometimes big cities are not very fun to visit for kids. Between crowd, traffic, commuting, people who speak in language they don’t understand, and food that is different from what they usually eat, cultural shock can be harsh on arrival in Colombia. So, to make them love Bogota, try taking them to the Museum of Gold. They will certainly be fascinated by all the jewels and nuggets of gold. Even for adults, this museum is very impressive, and it will allow you to immerse yourself in the history of precolonial Colombia in a unique way.

Watch the whales on the Pacific coast

Many people dream of seeing whales at least once in their life. Well, maybe this is the time for you to share this dream with your family. From June to October, humpback whales come to the Colombian Pacific coast to find shelter to give birth to their young. This is a real open-air biology class that you will attend!

There are several places for whale watching, including Utria Park and Nuqui Beach. During the high season, many companies offer activities around this extraordinary annual migration. It will be very easy for you to organize a small boat trip to get closer to these huge and elegant marine mammals.

Responsible trip to Colombia

Marveling at the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

You have certainly never seen anything like it. Zipaquira Cathedral is an original place in a former salt mine. Initially, the place of worship was built by the miners, then it became a tourist attraction. Once in the mine, intense blue and purple colors will dazzle you, and you will navigate between the Stations of the Cross and the statues of salt. In addition, you can even access this site by tourist train from Bogota. It is therefore a perfect day trip for a family.

Colombia with your family and children

See dinosaur skeletons in Villa de Leyva

The young archaeologists will be amazed by this incredible discovery: a marine dinosaur skeleton strews the floor of the Villa de Leyva museum. This region is known to host many fossilized remains dating back several million years. There are small insects, shells, ammonites (which look like large striated snails), but also large mammals. Archaeological research is still ongoing, as other skeletons could be found in the ground. This very impressive visit will leave no one unmoved.

Going on a hunt for mural frescoes in Cartagena

If you want to visit the beautiful Cartagena, but don’t know how to convince the rest of your family, we may have the solution. You could offer them to do a kind of treasure hunt in which you have to find the most beautiful frescoes of street art in the city.

This fun activity will allow you to see different districts of Cartagena, and to keep the attention of children and adolescents to a maximum. And why not take a group photo in front of each painting to keep good memories? You can even reward the whole family by taking them to the portal of Los Dulces, a place at the foot of the Clock Tower where you will find craft candy stands.

Street art Colombia

Visit Colombia with children an original idea for an extraordinary adventure

Your idea of traveling to Colombia with your family is therefore quite feasible, even if you have young children. The most difficult may be the flight to your destination. Many traveler blogs testify to the fact that children love the activities found in Colombia, and it’s not difficult or dangerous to take them to the tourist sites.

So, don’t hesitate any longer on the country that you will visit with your children during the next holidays. Your children will learn a few words of Spanish, as well as the geography of South America, not to mention the knowledge of plant and animal biology they will accumulate during walks in the natural parks. A nice journey to all of you!

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