Sustainability report 2022

With the end of the year 2022, it’s time to make a little retrospection on everything that happened. We have prepared a sustainability report which also concerns the years 2020 and 2021, which remained suspended due to Covid 19. I like retrospectives, because it gives us the opportunity to make a point, to see we

Get to know the people behind Phima Voyages

Behind Phima Voyages you find Philippe and Martina Capel, a French-German couple with more than 20 years of experience in hospitality and tourism. We have fallen in love with the north of Peru, its archaeological and natural riches. Being two enthusiasts, we are highly motivated by the idea of making a difference with our local

GRI Sustainability report

As you already know, Phima Voyages is involved in the development of responsible and sustainable tourism. On the other hand, these terms are often used for “greenwashing”. In order to show our serious commitment, we became a Travelife Partner in 2019 – and for the same reason we participated in the “Competitive companies program”, with

Family trip to Northern Peru

Family trip Northern Peru

You have decided to visit Peru for your next family travel adventure – that’s great! Now you are looking for activities that suit all the members of your family. Peru is the perfect destination for your family trip. Your children, from 4 years onwards, will be amazed with the diversity of nature, animals and activities.

Rural and community-based activities in Chile

Séjour rural, tourisme responsable

One of Phima Voyages’ missions is to highlight our local partners, indigenous communities or rural entrepreneurs. Therefore, we offer community activities, and even immersion stays within local families. In Chile we work with several communities, notably the Mapuche (which you will find in Santiago, but also in Pehuenche) and the Lickan Antay in the Atacama

What is the budget for a trip to Colombia ?

You have been seduced by the passionate stories about Colombia, the pictures of beaches or forest, and the blog posts that talk about this beautiful country. But, you have a vacation budget not to exceed. Moreover, you want to have more details about the prices that can be found for food, transport or accommodation. We

Practical information for your stay in Colombia

Rural tourism Colombia

Are you traveling to Colombia soon? As with any trip abroad, it is important to be well prepare. Read our practical information for your stay in Colombia. We have compiled information on the different regions and their climate, the flagship sites of each region, health and safety, but also on altitude sickness and what to

Responsible tourism – our definition

Responsible tourism Latin America

In the world of tourism, we talk more and more about responsible tourism, but also homestay, solidarity travel or why not ecotourism. This makes perfect sense for professionals, but is a little further away from the traveler’s concerns when he chooses to stay abroad. We will try to explain each of the different terms, adding

Sustainability policy

Responsability Phima Voyages

Phima Voyages takes its engagement for sustainability very serious. As a travel agency, we believe it is our mission to create encounters between travelers and locals to make travelers discover Peru with all its facets and not only the archaeological sites. In that respect we propose to our clients unique trips that can include several

Mission Statement

Mission statement Phima Voyages

One of Phima Voyages’ mission is to support a sustainable society and sustainable trade. Our sustainability policy tries to minimize all negative effects on the natural and social environment. Therefore it is our mission to support our business partners towards more sustainability and create more sustainability awareness among our guests. We work on the three