Visit Ecuador – Ecuador is an incredible country! Why ? Continue reading…

Visiting Ecuador is definitely worth a trip! We recommend that you take your time. 14 days are the minimum, 3 weeks are ideal to visit the main land of Ecuador and maybe also the Galapagos Islands.

Compared to the neighboring countries, Ecuador is rather a small country, but with an enormous biodiversity and different climate zones. (Read our article with the practical information about Ecuador to be well prepared.) Between the coast and the Andes and a trip to the rainforest, you have to be prepared for everything.

Our trips offer you a wonderful insight into the rural areas in Ecuador. You will not only get to know the country, but also people. You will never get bored with hikes, overnight stays in communities and rural activities. On the contrary, the conversations and exchanges with our local partners make your trip a very special experience.

In order to explore Ecuador, we recommend a trip from North to South (or the other way round). Arrival in Quito and departure in Guayaquil or flight to the Galapagos Islands.



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