El Brujo and la Señora de Cao

The Archaeological Complex El Brujo and La Señora de Cao are located on the suburbs of the city of Trujillo, about 60 km to the north. The visit of this site left me with a very strong memory. There are things that are not always explained. El Brujo, as soon as I arrived at the

Caral, the oldest civilization in America

Caral is considered the oldest civilization in America. It developed in the northern half of Peru. Today, we can visit the traces of this civilization in the Supe River Valley. Welcome to Barranca province, 185 km north of Lima, the capital of Peru. We estimate that the Caral civilization developed between 2,600 and 1,500 years before Christ.

Discover Cerro Sechin

Visite le nord du Pérou

Cerro Sechin is one of the most mysterious sites that can be visited on the central and northern coast of Peru. It is also one of the oldest. Sechin is located about 300 kilometers north of the capital, Lima. We are 13 kilometers from the Pacific, on the coast of the Ancash region, 5 kilometers

The essentials of Chiclayo

Chiclayo is the capital of the Lambayeque region, on the north coast of Peru. It is also the fourth largest city in Peru, after Lima, Arequipa and Trujillo. It is nicknamed “friendship capital” for the kindness of its inhabitants. Where does the name Chiclayo come from ? There are several theories about the origin of

Sun and Moon Temples

Just 30 minutes outside of Trujillo, the Sun and Moon Temples are a very important archaeological site in the region of La Libertad, on the north coast of Peru. Its construction was carried out for several hundred years. It was made by the Moche Culture (pronounced Mot-ché) who lived between 100 and 800 d. C. Les Moche had

Pyramids of Tucume

The Pyramids of Tucume are located in the Lambayeque region, 40 km from Chiclayo, the capital of the region, on the north coast of Peru. The landscape in this region is arid and dry, interrupted by green oases of agriculture, mainly rice. This remarkable archaeological site covers an area of 220 hectares and has 26

Travel Story #7 : Sarcophagi of Karajia

Sarcophagi of Karajia Today we begin a new day of discovery in northern Peru. We meet with Philippe, co-founder of Phima Voyages who will take us to see the famous sarcophagi of Karajia. These sarcophagi are part, with Kuelap and the Gocta waterfall, of the main attractions of the Amazonas region. In fact, northern Peru is

Everything you need to know about Cajamarca

Travel to Cajamarca, Northern Peru

The Cajamarca region is located inland in northern Peru. It is neighbour to the west with the coastal regions of Piura, Lambayeque and Libertad. To the east are the regions of Amazonas and San Martín. Cajamarca extends north to the Ecuadorian border. It is in this region that traces of the first inhabitants of Peru

Itinerary in Northern Peru

Travel in Northern Peru

There you go, you are determined, your next trip is to Peru! What a good idea. This country will surprise you with its archaeological sites, the diversity of nature and especially by its inhabitants! To organize your stay in the North of Peru in the best way, I have prepared a sample itinerary Northern Peru that I think

48 hours more in Chachapoyas

48 hours more in Chachapoyas In an earlier article, I have described what would be a visit to the Amazonas region, 48 hour in Chachapoyas. In short, you have seen what the travel guides tell you to see. But as I mentioned in the introduction of the same article 48 hours in Chachapoyas, the Amazonas