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Travel to Tingana

You have decided to visit Latin America. Beautiful, mystical countries with millennial traditions and cultures very different from ours are waiting for you. One of the many advantages of traveling with a local agency is that you always have a privileged interlocutor to talk with you in your own language! Your journey to Latin America will

What are the musical influences of Peru ?

What are the musical influences of Peru ? The origins and musical influences of Peruvian music come from different categories such as rock or criolla as well as from different countries of America such as Colombia, Chile, United States, Mexico … The blog section of Phima Voyages is a mine of information on places to

Our Peruvian litterature selection

Peruvian litterature

Peru fascinates you? You want to discover this magnificent country with a thousand facets? Here is a our selection of Peruvian litterature that should allow you to approach the country by its legends and myths in view of your future journey to the Inca country. We have divided the Peruvian litterature in different sections, according

Peruvian books – our Reading list for “After your trip”

Peruvian litterature

You just came back from your trip to Peru and loved it ? If you would like to deepen your knowledge, here is a small list of Peruvian books that will allow you to continue this Peruvian feeling for some more time 🙂 We have divided the books by Northern, Andes and Amazonia part, Lima

Floods in Peru March 2017, can you visit the country now?

Floods in Peru March 2017, can we visit the country now? Now everybody is talking about Peru, but this time not because of Machu Picchu. Resident in the country, I have to mention the floods in Peru. Which now seem to paralyze our host country. El Niño 2016 : Chronicle of an announced catastrophe Let us

How to prepare at home a chicken in chili sauce Peruvian

El AjĂ­ de gallina or in English chicken in chili sauce is one of the emblematic dishes of Peruvian cuisine. Peru is a gastronomic destination known all over the world. By the end of 2016, the country again and for the fifth consecutive year was voted the best food destination of the WTA, World Travel

Peru, an expensive destination?

Peru is often described as a travel destination for comfortable budgets. Is this true? Peru, an immense country First, you have to locate Peru regarding its size and different climates. Peru spans more than 2,400 kilometres along the Pacific coast and it also has 5,500 kms of accumulated internal borders. Its surface is 2.5 times the size

How to become a responsible traveler

At Phima Voyages, we encourage travelers to be open, informed, and eager to immerse themselves in other cultures. You’ll see, it’s not that hard to be a responsible traveler. There are a few rules to follow during your stay: Culture Listen to your guide. He will give you lots of information about traditions and customs.

Larco Museum, Lima

Whilst travelling in Peru, even if your travel will guide you to the north, one of the obligatory passages is Lima. Which is a great thing, as you can enjoy the many museums and cultural activities offered by the capital. Today I want to share with you a visit to a wonderful museum located in the district

Recipe Papa a la Huancaina

Papa a la Huancaina is a typical Peruvian dish. It is made with potatoes, as says its name (Papa = Potato) and a Sauce that is thought to be from Huancaio and made with fresh cheese, eggs and chili pepper. We followed a cooking class at the charming hotel Tambo Sapalanchan with Chef Paul, in