How to become a responsible traveler

At Phima Voyages, we encourage travelers to be open, informed, and eager to immerse themselves in other cultures. You’ll see, it’s not that hard to be a responsible traveler.

There are a few rules to follow during your stay:


  • Listen to your guide. He will give you lots of information about traditions and customs. You will thus be sure not to make any mistakes during your stay.
  • Learn and respect traditions.
  • Ask before taking a picture with people.
  • Think before you haggle – one dollar less may not make a difference to you, but a big difference to the seller.
  • Learn some basic polite words in the language of the country you are about to discover. It will be a lot of fun for the locals.

Hiking / Nature / Animals

  • Stay on hiking trails to protect nearby nature.
  • Do not walk on the ruins of archaeological sites.
  • Do not pick plants or flowers.
  • Help preserve the natural environment. Protect flora and fauna and their habitat, do not buy products made from endangered plants or animals.
  • Respect wild animals and their natural habitats. Buy products that aren’t made from endangered plants or animals.
  • Always bring your rubbish from your daily excursion to the hotel in the evening. Don’t leave anything behind.
  • Research well before doing any activity with animals (hiking an elephant or swimming with dolphins/turtles, touching or carrying a sloth).
  • Travel with a water-filtering water bottle like Lifestraw (especially in a country like Peru where tap water is not drinkable).

Souvenirs / Gifts

  • Do not buy illegal souvenirs (of archaeological origin, herbs or protected animals).
  • Buy your souvenirs from artisans – you will have a story in addition to your gift 😊
  • Do not give gifts to children. Ask your guide to introduce you to a person of authority (a teacher or the mayor) where you can leave gifts and they will be distributed later.
  • If you would like to support a local association, let us know. We will put you in contact with pleasure.


  • Know where your money is going. Choose owner-operated hotels, as well as restaurants and shops.
  • Try to realize your expenses in the local economy, in order to make people benefit directly from your visit.
  • Choose hotels with an eco-responsible approach.
  • Take short showers so you don’t waste water.

Respect / Exploitation

  • Let us know if you have witnessed any suspicious or abnormal behavior (regarding drug or child trafficking or sexual exploitation).
  • Respect children and girls.

Lama and child

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