Amazonas region

Raymi Llaqta: La fiesta del pueblo

Raymi Llaqta : La fiesta del pueblo The people of Chachapoyas lived (and still live) in the Amazonas region of northern Peru. This pre-Inca civilization remains little known despite its incredible builders (as demonstrated by the citadel of Kuelap, the “Machu Picchu of the North”) and its formidable fighters. They were the most resistant against the

Travel Story #7 : Sarcophagi of Karajia

Sarcophagi of Karajia Today we begin a new day of discovery in northern Peru. We meet with Philippe, co-founder of Phima Voyages who will take us to see the famous sarcophagi of Karajia. These sarcophagi are part, with Kuelap and the Gocta waterfall, of the main attractions of the Amazonas region. In fact, northern Peru is

Travelstory #6 : Gocta Waterfall

Travelstory #6: Gocta Waterfall After our stay in the Estancia and Leymebamba, we are back in Chachapoyas. Today we will see the famous Gocta Waterfalls. This is one of the most important sites and I was waiting to discover Gocta with impatience, after seeing many photos of this emblematic area in northern Peru. I wanted to admire it

Travelstory #5 : The Mausoleums of Revash and Museum of Leymebamba

Travelstory #5: The Mausoleums of Revash and the Museum of Leymebamba After a last night at Estancia el Chillo, Philippe, co-founder of Phima Voyages, picks us up to continue our program and guides us to different places we will visit today. The Mausoleums of Revash This morning, we are going to the Mausoleums of Revash.

48 hours in Chachapoyas

48 hours in Chachapoyas Today I propose you to visit Chachapoyas in just 2 days and see the main attractions of the Amazonas region in Northern Peru. The blog section of Phima Voyages is a mine of information on places to visit in Northern Peru. Do not miss the publication of our articles and to have our

Inauguration of the cable car of Kuelap, Northern Peru

Inauguration of the cable car Kuelap, Northern Peru We waited, and they did it ! The cable car Kuelap finally works. It was inaugurated on March 2 by the President of the Republic of Peru. Today, I made a very long article. But it is the topic of the moment in Peru and even more in

La Casona de Leymebamba – Charming hotel in Northern Peru

Welcome to the Hotel La Casona de Leymebamba The House of Mr. Julio and his family La Casona de Leymebamba is located as its name suggests in Leymebamba, at the bottom of the Uctubamba Valley, in the Amazonas region in Northern Peru. In fact, Leymebamba is the last village before starting the spectacular uphill road to Celendin

Homestay at Teodula’s place, Kuelap

Homestay at Teodula’s place, the annex of Kuelap During a trip, one of the highlights is the encounter with the inhabitants of the countries visited: it is the exchange, and the discovery of their culture and traditions are part of those moments that will make your trip an unforgettable experience. So why not overnight in a

The Mummy Museum of Leymebamba

Trip to Northern Peru

Article written by Mathilde Lombard, translated by Shirley Lopez Leymebamba, a small rural town in northern Peru, located a few hours from Chachapoyas, is not easily accessible. Arriving at its small but lovely Plaza de Armas, one wonders who decided to build a museum so distant from everywhere… But just as remote as it is,