La Casona de Leymebamba – Charming hotel in Northern Peru

Welcome to the Hotel La Casona de Leymebamba

The House of Mr. Julio and his family

La Casona de Leymebamba is located as its name suggests in Leymebamba, at the bottom of the Uctubamba Valley, in the Amazonas region in Northern Peru. In fact, Leymebamba is the last village before starting the spectacular uphill road to Celendin and the Cajamarca region.

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Leymebamba is absolutely worth a visit on your trip to the north of Peru. Apart of the Leymebamba Museum, unique with 219 mummies discovered near the Laguna de los Condores; there is also the sculptor Miguel Huaman and the woman weavers of Leymebamba to show you the ever-living traditions of the inhabitants of the region.

  Workshop Miguel Huaman Northern Peru

The hotel

The hotel is located in one of the streets adjacent to the main square of Leymebamba, in a dead-end road. It is an old family house with two floors and an interior garden. Mr. Julio and his sister had begun in 2001 with 4 bedrooms. They then continually transformed rooms according to their demand ! Today the hotel has 20 rooms in total!

Mr. Julio is very attentive with his customers. Never hesitate to ask if you need anything or if anything is missing.

If you arrive and no one is at the reception, please open the small door to enter and just call out ! Today Mr. Julio and his daughter manage the hotel, between the two there is always someone at home (because that is what it is: a big home).

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The Rooms at La Casona de Leymebamba

We booked three double rooms and Mr. Julio shows us a couple of rooms on the first floor to choose. We settle into our rooms and take a shower with hot water. (After our visit to Kuelap, and the rain we had, we felt a bit tired).

The rooms were just recently renovated; they are big and pleasant with a clear linoleum floor, fluffy towels with the monogram of the hotel. There is a mat on each side of the bed and carpets on the banks that are in the rooms. This is typical in the Andean region.

   LA Casona de Leymebamba Northern Peru

The restaurant

Revived by the shower, we settle on a restaurant table for a snack. The atmosphere is casual, we are the only guests. It is late, but we can still see the garden with plants, flowers and many orchids.

Garden La Casona

We booked our table in advance (which is always better) and Mr. Julio brings a hot potato soup, they serve the main course family style: all the dishes on the table. And of course, there are lots of things to eat: rice, vegetable omelette and chicken with potatoes in sauce. Everyone is served according to his or her taste and his or her appetite. There is even a dessert (a very unusual thing in Peru): figs comfit with fresh cheese. Yum!

In summary: A very nice hotel to stay in Leymebamba with an owner who cares about you personally. Go ahead!

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