Homestay at Teodula’s place, Kuelap

Homestay at Teodula’s place, the annex of Kuelap

During a trip, one of the highlights is the encounter with the inhabitants of the countries visited: it is the exchange, and the discovery of their culture and traditions are part of those moments that will make your trip an unforgettable experience. So why not overnight in a Homestay ?

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Teodula’s life

Teodula has lived around Kuelap since her birth about 50 years ago. She finished her primary school studies, got married and it was here that she raised her four children.

Homestay Kuelap, trip to north of Peru

Her family owns land just below the fortress of Kuelap. The most emblematic place of the region and where a cable car should facilitate access as of January 2017. Kuelap is at 3000 m altitude, we can say that life here is not easy. The view is spectacular, but it can be very cold or very hot. The main source of income is agriculture, in fields often very steep and where work is hard and difficult.

In Kuelap, there is only primary school, for the high school pupils have to move to the next town 30 minutes away, but teachers do not necessarily come regularly. The Peruvian educational system unfortunately still suffers severe disparities between regions. The university is located in Chachapoyas, about 3 hours away from Kuelap. To get there you have to take public transportation, the combis that leave early in the morning. Or you have to stay in Chachapoyas with family, in order to study.

Teodula’s children could go to the university of Chachapoyas. Her oldest daughter, who is 30 years old, is now a primary teacher in the region of La Libertad, on the northern coast of Peru. It is true that here the family ties are still very strong, so she will certainly continue to come for the patron festivities, Christmas or New Year, but will she ever come back to live in Kuelap?

Homestay in Kuelap

If I’m going to talk about Teodula, it’s because nowadays she is the President of the tourism association of Kuelap (Well, it just changed). She participated in numerous meetings with DIRCETUR (Regional Tourism Directory) to learn more about welcoming customers, rules and regulations to open a homestay, about the necessary investments and how to run a local association.

North of Peru

She opened her own homestay, 5 simple, but comfortable rooms, just below the impressive wall of Kuelap. The view is gorgeous and Teodula puts all her energy to take care of her customers. A homestay with Teodula will make you see life in a different way.

Homestay Kuelap

In a warm and natural way, Teodula is a remarkable hostess. On the menu: Caldo de gallina (Chicken soup), rice with white beans and meat. Please get this right – receiving customers in Kuelap is not to be improvised. You cannot order papaya juice at breakfast. To get the papays, you would have to go to the market down in the valley, just about 2 hours.

Homestay Kuelap, Amazonas, Northern Peru

A good organization in advance makes it possible to welcome you in best conditions.

Teodula is just one of many Peruvians who are very interested in meeting travellers from all over the world, to welcome them in her homestay and share a moment together.

Would you like to stay at Teodula’s house? Take a look at our website. You prefer a hotel instead of a family home ? No problem, we have trips that include meeting local people. You will participate in a rural or craft activity and like this have time to exchange with them.

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