Pyramids of Tucume

The Pyramids of Tucume are located in the Lambayeque region, 40 km from Chiclayo, the capital of the region, on the north coast of Peru. The landscape in this region is arid and dry, interrupted by green oases of agriculture, mainly rice. This remarkable archaeological site covers an area of 220 hectares and has 26

Chachapoya culture

The Chachapoya people This is the article of Jhon Garcia, who is working with us as an official tour guide. He loves archaeology and sharing his knowledge with our clients. Today he tries to give a little light on the origine of the Chachapoya culture, situated in the region of Amazonas, in the Andes in

Raymi Llaqta: La fiesta del pueblo

Raymi Llaqta : La fiesta del pueblo The people of Chachapoyas lived (and still live) in the Amazonas region of northern Peru. This pre-Inca civilization remains little known despite its incredible builders (as demonstrated by the citadel of Kuelap, the “Machu Picchu of the North”) and its formidable fighters. They were the most resistant against the

Peruvian books – our Reading list for “After your trip”

Peruvian litterature

You just came back from your trip to Peru and loved it ? If you would like to deepen your knowledge, here is a small list of Peruvian books that will allow you to continue this Peruvian feeling for some more time 🙂 We have divided the books by Northern, Andes and Amazonia part, Lima