ACP Milpuj, a Private Conservation Area

Tourisme rural Nord du Pérou

In Peru, there are a large number of Private Conservation Areas, which means that these particular properties are transformed into private natural parks to preserve the flora and fauna. These initiatives are increasing, and today we present you the initiative of Milpuj La Heredad, property of Perico and Lola and a beautiful place to visit.   

Itinerary in Northern Peru

Travel in Northern Peru

There you go, you are determined, your next trip is to Peru! What a good idea. This country will surprise you with its archaeological sites, the diversity of nature and especially by its inhabitants! To organize your stay in the North of Peru in the best way, I have prepared a sample itinerary Northern Peru that I think

A Travel Story #4 : Estancia Chillo and Milpuj

A Travel Story #4 : Nature in Estancia El Chillo and Milpuj After visiting Kuelap, Oscar waits for us, he is the owner of the “Estancia el Chillo” where we will spend the following 2 nights. He picks us up at Tingo Viejo, because the Estancia is a fifteen minute drive from the nearest town.

A Travel Story #3: Kuelap

A Travel Story # 3 : Chachapoyas to Kuelap The program for today: visit to the fortress of Kuelap, an emblematic site of Northern Peru. The blog section of Phima Voyages is a mine of information on places to visit in Northern Peru. Do not miss the publication of our articles and to have our Free

Floods in Peru March 2017, can you visit the country now?

Floods in Peru March 2017, can we visit the country now? Now everybody is talking about Peru, but this time not because of Machu Picchu. Resident in the country, I have to mention the floods in Peru. Which now seem to paralyze our host country. El Niño 2016 : Chronicle of an announced catastrophe Let us

I visited for you- El Batan del Tayta

 New experiences and flavours in El Batan del Tayta El Batan del Tayta is the trendy restaurant in Chachapoyas. We have eaten there several times, but this time truly I tried a lot of different tastes and flavours! The occasion was the birthday of my mother. (They came to visit us for 15 days in