I visited for you- El Batan del Tayta

 New experiences and flavours in El Batan del Tayta

El Batan del Tayta is the trendy restaurant in Chachapoyas. We have eaten there several times, but this time truly I tried a lot of different tastes and flavours! The occasion was the birthday of my mother. (They came to visit us for 15 days in our beautiful region of Amazonas in northern Peru.)

You will find El Batan del Tayta restaurant near to the pedestrian street Jr. Amazonas in Chachapoyas, more precisely Jr. La Merced 604. The young chef David Sancon proposes an innovative and regional menu based on local products.

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So, why El Batan del Tayta is so well known ?

First of all  for the original décor

There are two possible entries: Directly to the restaurant or by the bar. The bar is small; there are two coffee tables and comfortable sofas. The atmosphere is warm, discreet and with good music from the 80s.

  Bar Batan del Tayta     Restaurant Chachapoyas

The restaurant is the surprise: Around the room are tables for two people, half hidden behind the “round houses roofs of Kuelap”. On the one side, there is a table for six people (which is where we will settle today). The chairs at the head of the table remind us “Maya, the bee” on her leave (see the photo).

There is a lot of wood in the restaurant; the lights are hidden behind a décor that reminds us again the Kuelap’s roofs. Sheep skind cover the back of the chairs to keep you warm.

For the innovative and regional menu

David Sancon, a young chef originally from the Amazonas region, more precisely from Lamud, wants to show local products. For this reason you will find cecina (dried meat) res o chancho (beef or pork), tacu tacu (regional speciality made with rice), salads, duck and many other regional dishes.

The Chef serves the meals in completely innovative dishes, like large and flat stones, grindstones or on a wooden board. You might also find your meat hanging on a clothes line with a clothespin (just like the guinea pig on the picture right below).

   Dish with 3 cecinas, Amazonas       Guinea pig - Amazonas

On the side of the cocktails, of course you will find Pisco sour, but also an original cocktail with ants ! This cocktail is made with rum in which the ants were macerated, mixed with chocolate, cinnamon and sugar. It sounds weird, but is actually very delicious. You can eat the giant ants in the decoration, but this is still a bit special!

   Regional Cocktail     Cooking class Amazonas

The kindness of the owner

As already mentioned previously, David Sancon is a young Chef from the region. He is on all fronts. Welcoming customers, creating new dishes, training of the kitchen staff. When he passes through the hall of the restaurant, he always has a kind word for his customers.

Well, I guess you understood. El Batan del Tayta is a great place in Chachapoyas. If you travel to Northern Peru,  you have to make a short stop. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

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