Capital of the Amazonas region

Discover Chachapoyas, Amazonas !

Chachapoyas is a little town with about 40 000 inhabitants. But it is the capital of the Amazonas region in Northern Peru.

This charming town is the 6th that had been founded by the Spanish in Peru. It is very much known for its colonial style city center, its white houses and a few thousands of wodden balconies. Its Plaza de Armas is the place to be during the afternoon. As for the pedestrian area, it invites you to do some shopping, stroll around or have a coffee.

Chachapoyas, Amazonas

A little history about Chachapoyas

History tells us that the town of Chachapoyas that we know today has actually been founded three times !

First, Francisco Pizarro arrived with his men to the Northern Coast of Peru. They went through the mountains between Cajamarca and Leymebamba. There they settled in the village of La Jalca. It had been created by the Chachapoya and they built a church there. But finally the Spanish decided that the climate was too cold and windy. Therefore, they abandoned La Jalca.

    Plaza de La Jalca, Amazonas

The Spanish continued further north until the village of Levanto where they created a second town … And built another church. 

But the climate in Levanto was as hostile and exposed to bad weather as La Jalca. That’s why the Spanish moved again. They created San Juan de la Frontera de los Chachapoyas at the place of the actual Chachapoyas. It was named “border” because the Spanish considered this new town as the limit between the territory of the Chachapoya culture – which became the Spanish one – and the uncivilised territory, belonging to wild tribes.

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