ACP Milpuj, a Private Conservation Area

In Peru, there are a large number of Private Conservation Areas, which means that these particular properties are transformed into private natural parks to preserve the flora and fauna. These initiatives are increasing, and today we present you the initiative of Milpuj La Heredad, property of Perico and Lola and a beautiful place to visit.

      ACP Milpuj, reforestation nord du Pérou

Private conservation area Milpuj La Heredad

We had the opportunity to visit the ACP Milpuj La Heredad 1 hour 30 from Chachapoyas. The area is managed by Perico and his mother, Lola. She is from Chachapoyas; she left the region 15 years ago and returned to live there in 2000. In 2006, Perico came to join her and together they build and maintain the property converted into a lodge and also offering hiking trails for visitors.

The property

The property covers 60 hectares, but currently only 16 hectares are classified as conservation area. Perico main concern is the reforestation of the property with native trees of the region, the Tara and a species of Cedar, cedar kuelpensis, unique in this region. They got their name by an botanist garden expert from Edinburgh in 2010. On the upper side of the property passes the Inca Trail that goes to Chachapoyas. By hidden camera, Perico was able to film a Colocolo Leopard, a very rare specimen that crossed the property.

Perico also has 14 hives that allow him to re-float the coffers of the conservation area. In addition, with his mother, a very nice and committed lady, they created a lodge, decorated with good taste and very inviting. All rooms have hot water and private bathroom.

   ACP Milpuj, Travel to northern Peru

What can you do in Milpuj La Heredad?

On the property, Perico and his mother have chickens, ducks and turkeys. They maintain an organic garden for their own needs. The sewage from shower and kitchen is processed and used to water the garden.

On the other hand, directly near the public facilities, there is a path of plants and typical flowers. A perfect option for those who do not want or cannot walk the extension of the property. Small corners in the shade invite you to rest or read a book.

In summary, the private conservation area Milpuj La Heredad is a magical place. It is ideally situated for excursions in the region. The fortress of Kuelap and Leymebamba with its museum, are only 1 hour 30 away. And most important: Here we assure you that you will feel at home.

Kuelap, Amazonas

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