Homestay at Teodula’s place, Kuelap

Homestay at Teodula’s place, the annex of Kuelap During a trip, one of the highlights is the encounter with the inhabitants of the countries visited: it is the exchange, and the discovery of their culture and traditions are part of those moments that will make your trip an unforgettable experience. So why not overnight in a

A day at Machu Picchu, from dream to reality

A day in Machu Picchu, from dream to reality Machu Picchu, we dream it, we imagine it, we fantasize it. So imagine if you already live in Peru. And even worse if you live here already for over a year and a half, but in the north, because this is where we live, in Chachapoyas

Canyoning in the Amazonas region, Northern Peru

The Amazon region in Northern Peru will soon be the birthplace of a new adventure activity – Canyoning ! This region has lots of natural places and offers distractions for everybody: history and archaeology lovers, but also hikers, birders, nature lovers and other kind of adventure lovers. A community in the province of Bongara will