Peru, an expensive destination?

Peru is often described as a travel destination for comfortable budgets. Is this true? Peru, an immense country First, you have to locate Peru regarding its size and different climates. Peru spans more than 2,400 kilometres along the Pacific coast and it also has 5,500 kms of accumulated internal borders. Its surface is 2.5 times the size

The Santa Elena Ecological Reserve in northern Peru

Santa Elena rural tourism

The Santa Elena Ecological Reserve is located near Rioja, about 10 minutes from the main road. Therefore, it is much more accessible than Tingana. It is perfect for a half-day detour on the road to Tarapoto or staying in Moyobamba, in the San Martin region of northern Peru. Santa Elena – What is it? Santa

How to become a responsible traveler

At Phima Voyages, we encourage travelers to be open, informed, and eager to immerse themselves in other cultures. You’ll see, it’s not that hard to be a responsible traveler. There are a few rules to follow during your stay: Culture Listen to your guide. He will give you lots of information about traditions and customs.

Larco Museum, Lima

Whilst travelling in Peru, even if your travel will guide you to the north, one of the obligatory passages is Lima. Which is a great thing, as you can enjoy the many museums and cultural activities offered by the capital. Today I want to share with you a visit to a wonderful museum located in the district

Weekend at the beach in Peru – south of Lima

We are all excited – we will go for a long weekend at the beach. It’s the last weekend of school holidays in Peru. First difficulty – Getting out of Lima At 3 pm Thursday afternoon we leave our rental apartment (found through AirBnB) located on the border between the districts of Miraflores and Surquillo. We head