Month: April 2016

Get to know your drivers

Get to know your drivers Another important person for your clients service : your driver ! Actually it is not only the driver, but also the car that is used for the clients program. Probably you already have a network of different drivers according to the region and program. How did you choose your partners Get to know your drivers

Get to know your guides

Get to know your guides Most probably you will work with Freelance guides that you know already for some time and you know that they are serious and reliable. Keep in mind that the guide is your “window” to the clients. He is the one in contact with them and (after sales) your most important Get to know your guides

Reservation Organisation

Organise your reservations Once we receive a reservation request for your destination, please be aware that usually the client never takes the travel itinerary that we propose on our website, it is always customised and tailor-made, which means, you have to prepare the itinerary once again and also recalculate the pricing. We will have a Reservation Organisation

Train your local partners

Train your local partners Setting up your set of local partners, be it homestays or activities around traditional customs is one of the main missions of Phima Voyages trips. As representative of Phima Voyages in your country, you have special access to all our training material we have created and compiled so far. In this Train your local partners

How to organise yourself ?

How to organise yourself ? You have worked hard to prepare your itineraries, get your local partners, make pictures and spread the word about the trips you sell. And here you go, you get your first reservation requests ! How to make sure that everything goes smoothly and you won’t forget anything ? There is How to organise yourself ?