Cooking class “Pachamanca” in Tucume

Tucume Pachamanca

We arrive in the morning at the hotel Los Horcones de Tucume, situated just 30 minutes outside of Chiclayo in Northern Peru. Helena is there to meet and greet us. She will be our teacher for this cooking class Pachamanca. First she tells us everything about the Mochica Cooking, which is called La Pachamanca. It consists

Impressions of Kuelap

Ruins of round houses in Kuélap.

Kuelap, the Machu Picchu of Northern Peru! The fortress of Kuelap is situated in the Amazonas region in Northern Peru on a mountain top at 3 000 m altitude. This fortified city was built between 500 and 800 after JC by the Chachapoya civilization, that is also called the “Cloud Warriors”. Today Kuelap is often