Museum of Leymebamba

La Casona de Leymebamba – Charming hotel in Northern Peru

Welcome to the Hotel La Casona de Leymebamba The House of Mr. Julio and his family La Casona de Leymebamba is located as its name suggests in Leymebamba, at the bottom of the Uctubamba Valley, in the Amazonas region in Northern Peru. In fact, Leymebamba is the last village before starting the spectacular uphill road to Celendin

The Mummy Museum of Leymebamba

Trip to Northern Peru

Article written by Mathilde Lombard, translated by Shirley Lopez Leymebamba, a small rural town in northern Peru, located a few hours from Chachapoyas, is not easily accessible. Arriving at its small but lovely Plaza de Armas, one wonders who decided to build a museum so distant from everywhere… But just as remote as it is,

Everything you need to know about Leymebamba

Leymebamba is at an altitude of 2,200 meters. Here is where the Utcubamba river, which is strong and dangerous in Chachapoyas, finds its source. The whole valley that leads to it is peaceful, green and surrounded by vertiginous mountains. Development of tourism in Leymebamba Leymebamba is an agricultural town at the end of the Utcubamba