Lagoon Huamanpata

The Huamanpata Lake

Huamanpata Lake Northern Peru

We have already talked about the Huamanpata Lake, located near Rodriguez de Mendoza, in the Amazonas region in northern Peru, in October. The kids and I wanted to go back to the lagoon, but this time when it is filled with water. That was actually the first weekend of June. We left Chachapoyas at 6

Trek to the Huamanpata Lake

The Huamanpata Lake is 10 km away from the city of Rodríguez de Mendoza, in the Amazonas region of northern Peru, at an altitude of 2100 m. How to get to the Huamanpata lake ? From Chachapoyas, it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Rodríguez de Mendoza, at an altitude of 1,800