The free walking tour

The free walking tour, a way to visit a beautiful city like Cusco We had the pleasure to follow one of the walking tours organized in the city of Cusco. They are carried out every day, starting at 10.20 am at the Rococijo Plaza two blocks from the main square. We initially booked one of the tours (there

I have tested for you: Lima by night – a tour by bus

I have tested for you : Lima by night – a tour by bus Why take a tour of Lima by night by bus ? Lima is a huge city, expanding, its traffic jams are legendary and it seems that is not going to improve if we don’t do anything about public transportation systems. Going

The Mummy Museum of Leymebamba

Trip to Northern Peru

Article written by Mathilde Lombard, translated by Shirley Lopez Leymebamba, a small rural town in northern Peru, located a few hours from Chachapoyas, is not easily accessible. Arriving at its small but lovely Plaza de Armas, one wonders who decided to build a museum so distant from everywhere… But just as remote as it is,

Rural tourism in a cocoa farm in Chazuta, Peruvian Amazon

I invite you to discover a beautiful region staying at a cocoa farm in Chazuta. Chazuta is 260 meters above sea level and has around 6,000 inhabitants. It is known as “the land of friendship”, “tierra de la amistad”. The project of the Chujandama Tapullima family What brings us here is cocoa and a rural tourism