I have tested for you: Lima by night – a tour by bus

I have tested for you :

Lima by night – a tour by bus

Why take a tour of Lima by night by bus ?

Lima is a huge city, expanding, its traffic jams are legendary and it seems that is not going to improve if we don’t do anything about public transportation systems.

Going from one point to another of the city becomes an adventure, on whatever time of the day.

So why not move at night? By bus? Off we go for our Lima by night tour !

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We start from Miraflores, the journey takes about three hours throughout the city. The aim is to reach the center of Lima that is far from the popular areas like San Isidro and Miraflores.

Departure time is at 7.30 pm near the Ovalo of Miraflores. The buses are like all the City Tour Buses around the world, closed downstairs, and open at the top to see the panorama, the rates are also equivalent to these kind of tours all over the world, which is around 20 dollars.

Bus Lima by night

We take place on the top and the tour begins.

We cross the districts of Miraflores and San Isidro to reach the more popular districts such as Lince. Then we head north and to the center of Lima.

Let’s learn a little more about the history of the city

We have the opportunity to review the history of Peru with pre-Columbian monuments such as the Huaca Pucllana, or the history of the Pacific War, including the great defeat to Chile in 1881. Chile would only refrain from reducing Lima to ashes after an ultimatum issued by one of our great French admirals of the time in this area, by the name of Abel Bergasse Du Petit-Thouard. Today one of the longest streets of Lima is named after him, it goes through four districts from north to south.

Extraordinary Magic Water Circuit

We make our first stop, at the top of the Avenue Petit-Thouard at the Parque de la Reserva, just south of the city stadium. This is where we will see the Magic Water Circuit.

Fountain parque de la reserva Lima

It is a succession of large fountains illuminated by colour projections. These fontaines work only after 4 pm. The magic of lights occurs when night falls, of course.

fontaine tunnel Lima

Some are more interactive: this one you pass through like in a tunnel…

Fontaine eaux Lima

Or this one, where you can be place yourself in the middle during the short breaks. Great!

This park is just amazing. It is beautiful, poetic, and rare.

The historic center of Lima

We return to our bus and continue north. Arrival at the historic city center of Lima and change of architecture. Lima by night is beautiful.

Place San Martin Lima

We discover the famous wooden balconies, the beautiful San Martin Square and finally the Plaza de Armas (Main Square).

Place des Armes Lima

Yes, the downtown of Lima is beautifuland we understand much better now why it is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Place des Armes

There are many people in the pedestrian street tonight, Union street, that unites San Martin Square and the Plaza de Armas.

We slowly start our return path.

Next stop is the Sheraton Hotel.  This time for a good appetizer served in the lounge. It is good to heat up because it is cold on the open floor of the bus. And this despite my warm wind jacket.

Time to return to Miraflores, the starting point of our tour, in a more direct way. Arrival at the Ovalo around 10.30 pm.

We had a good time in Lima’s nigh bus. It is a good way to see the city center. And at night, it is just great!

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