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The 10 best archaeological Sites of Northern Peru

The 10 best Archaeological Sites of Northern Peru Archaeology in Peru offers never ending materials. […]

Valley going up to Combayo, Phima voyages

Everything you need to know about Cajamarca

The Cajamarca region The Cajamarca region is located inland in northern Peru. It limits to […]

Weaving lady cumbe mayo

Historical site of Cumbe Mayo, Cajamarca, North of Peru

Cumbe Mayo, an excursion close to Cajamarca The trip to Cumbe Mayo, starting from the city of […]

The funeral windows of Otuzco and Cumbayo, Cajamarca, Northern Peru

The funeral windows of Otuzco and Cumbayo, Cajamarca If you are interested in visiting what […]

Granja Porcon, community farm Northern Peru

La Granja Porcon, a community farm model in Northern Peru An example of successful community […]

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