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The 10 best Sites of Archaeology in Northern Peru

Archaeology in Northern Peru offers never ending material. Peru is fortunate enough having tons of archaeological sites throughout its whole territory, famous for their buildings and great political-religious development. Much more is known and spoken about the Incas, as Machu Picchu leading the list of the most visited archaeological sites. There are many more archaeological

Chan Chan, lost capital of the Chimu kingdom

It is just outside the city of Trujillo, on the desert coast, that you can find the site of Chan Chan. World Heritage by UNESCO since 1986, the ancient capital of the Chimu kingdom is the largest city in the world built of adobe (a mixture of straw, clay and water, dried in the sun). A

Mausoleums of Revash

Archéologie nord du Pérou

60 km south of Chachapoyas is the funerary complex of Revash, in the district of Santo Tomás, province of Luya. Revash is the name given to a group of mausoleums that is divided into two sectors. At an altitude of 2,800 m, the mausoleums are located in a cave excavated at the height of the

The 11 things you should know about Kuelap

The fortified city of Kuelap is located in the Amazonas region of Northern Peru, on the top of a mountain. It was named Cultural Patrimony of the Nation in 2000 and is considered the “Machu Picchu del Norte”. In 2008, it was recognized as one of the seven wonders of Peru. 1. Kuelap in some