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This is not the first time I take the bus Movil Tours, ultimately it is the best company for the Amazonas region, located in northern Peru. As you, know, the distances (not in kilometres, but especially in hours) are enormous in Peru. Just to give you an example, between Lima and Chachapoyas it takes 23 hours, the same between Lima and Cusco.

A very comfortable bus

This time I have to travel to Chiclayo on the North coast of Peru to request my a special authorization to be able to sign my work contract. So I take the night bus from Chachapoyas to Chiclayo which leaves at 8 pm, passenger registration begins at 7:30 pm. I chose a seat that is the deluxe version with 160° reclining seats on the first level, only to rest better during the 9-hour trip. The deluxe version costs 75 soles and the regular version 55 soles on the second level and without reclining seats.

  Trip Northern Peru, Movil Tours

I arrive at 7:40 and as I don’t have any luggage for registration, I go straight to my seat. There is plenty of space for feet and footrests to be more comfortable. The seats are spacious and comfortable; there is even a blanket in each place! I put up my backpack with my belongings on the side of my legs (I never give my luggage in the cellar) and then I cover myself with the blanket. We depart at the exact time with rather loud music.

How is the trip?

Like in the plane, the ground attendant who takes care for us during the trip, makes the announcement: travel information, the routes, the stop to change the driver (Movil Tours always have two drivers on board for longer trips). The bathrooms are only for urinating – I repeat only urinating. It makes me laugh, but I am sure it is good to repeat…

Immediately after the announcement, she puts the movie “Fast and Furious” – I have never seen any episodes, but I like it. Then the lady distributes plastics bags. You can imagine for what they are ? I always take one because you never know…

Meal in the bus

We arrive at Pedro Ruiz at 9:10 pm, here they load the evening meals for everyone. At 9:20 pm, they serve us our dinner: rice, potatoes, meat, and a dry biscuit for dessert, as a drink you can choose between a hot drink (tea) or Inca cola.

I settle to sleep at 10:15 pm end of the first episode “Fast and Furious”, the second continues directly. I am not used to sleeping on a bus, suddenly I struggle to find a comfortable position; this does not seem to be a problem for Peruvian passengers. I admire their ability to be able to sleep as soon as the bus leaves !

Sleepily, I notice the display speed in front of the bus that changes the colour when the speed exceeds 90 km/h and issues an alert. It is good as it feels safe.

Arrival in Chiclayo

Finally, we arrive at 5 am in Chiclayo; the door of the Movil Tour agency remains closed until 7 am for safety reasons. I walk to the bathroom to freshen up and brush my teeth, then I sit on the floor in a corner to wait until 7 am. The seats are all occupied, there are a lot of people, full of families with children in pyjamas.

At 7 am, as expected, the doors open and I leave to Department of Immigration for my paper work.

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