La Libertad Region in Northern Peru

The most important on Trujillo

Trujillo, the capital city of the region La Libertad, is situated on the Coast of Northern Peru. It is the second biggest city of Peru and a town where life is good. The city was founded in 1534 by Francisco Pizarro. You have to visit the colorful Plaza de Armas, one of the most remarkable ones in Peru. But, you must also discover its little streets and alleys with their Casonas, mansions and Museums. Besides, from Trujillo, you can make excursions in the surroundings. Enjoy the seaside village of Huanchaco or fill up on archaeological sites.

Trujillo in Northern Peru is very often mentioned as “the Egypt of South America”. The city was the headquarters of several kingdoms such as the Moche, the Sican and the Chimu. They were very sophisticated pre-Colombian and pre-Incan civilizations. Indeed they managed to thrive in one of the most driest regions of the world. Today, in the valley of the Moche river, there were found over 2,000 archaeological sites !

Cathédral Trujillo Coast Northern Peru

Arrival at Trujillo, Northern Coast of Peru

Trujillo is about 1h by flight and 10h by bus from the capital city Lima. There is no need to tell you that if you are in a hurry and can afford it, the plane is a real alternative. Coming from Ecuador, you can also join Trujillo by bus from the cities of Cuenca or Guayaquil, which takes respectively between 20h and 18h.

What to do in Trujillo ?

The city of Trujillo is the perfect starting point to visit the impressive ruins of Chan Chan, of the Sun and Moon Temples and the fisher village of Huanchaco.

Huanchaco Fishing village Northern Peru


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