The Second Home Hotel in Barranco, Lima

Barranco, the other side of the Peruvian capital

Did you know that the district of Barranco in Lima, is a good alternative to stay in the capital of Peru if you don’t like to be around too many gringos and stay in Miraflores.

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Back from your trip in Northern Peru, a stay in Lima sounds like being back to the big city.

Street art Barranco, Lima

Today rather bohemian and artistic. Barranco was an upscale neighbourhood in the past, at the time when wealthy families from Lima would come to Barranco to their summer residence to go on the beach.

You will find less large avenues or tall buildings as in the neighbouring district of Miraflores. However, just recently have flourished many real estate projects in this now trendy area.

In regards to the level of housing, maybe at the moment there are not as many choices in Barranco as in Miraflores, but you can find everything from basic to luxury. In the latter category, I would mention the Hotel B, for example.

Artistic atmosphere in Second Home Hotel

If you prefer the artistic atmosphere, you might want to choose to stay at the home of an artist, painter and sculptor very well known in Lima: Mr. Victor Delfin.

One of his most famous sculptures that visitors of the Love Park (Parque del Amor) know is the statue of lovers, in the district of Miraflores, just clos to the paragliders.

Located right on a small street in this neighbourhood of Barranco where we stayed, near the descent to the beach and right next to the old cableway of Barranco, the Second Home Hotel is an oasis of peace in the heart of the city.

This is the home of an artist but it offers 8 rooms for travellers.

entry second home hotel

At the entrance, you already get into the artistic mood with the carefully carved wooden door.

Bull entry second home hotel

After pushing the door, we find sculptures, including this impressive bull.

The Peruvian director Jonathan greets us. He has been working at the Second Home Hotel since 2008.

Garden second home hotel

The house is an old mansion over a century old.

small salon low level

Inside the house, lots of wooden elements, the artist’s paintings, sculptures, a piano in the living room… Everything here is for contemplation and rest.

Living room second home hotel

We have the impression of entering into a true art gallery.

The Hotel

stairs from the rooms second home hotel

There are several categories of rooms, more or less large, most with ocean or garden view.

great view of a room second home hotel

Being on top, the cliff is predominant, the view is spectacular. We are above the traffic in front the sea.

There is even a heating in the rooms, because on the sea front it can be very cold in winter.

Family room

The family room doesn’t have a sea view, but it has several areas including a warmly and bright living room.

bathroom second home hotel

The bathroom with stairs to climb into the bath is quite unique. In addition, one detail for ladies: All rooms are equipped with hairdryer.

terrace second home hotel

The continental breakfast in this summer season (we are in February), is served on the terrace. Customers can courteously serve themselves tea or caffe throughout the day.

The hotel also offers three bedrooms, at a “lower level” with open bathrooms and large windows. But there is no problem because we only face the ocean.

The private part of the house is a little more down on the rock.

Pool second home hotel Lima

The pool is just below and worthy of an artist.

The artist is present !

We meet him in his atelier.

Victor Delfin in his workshop

He has the habit of painting always standing and he stands very determinated for his almost 90 years.

firm Victor Delfin

I took the opportunity to get him to sign his book that waspublished at the time of his 80 years.

If you are not staying at the hotel, but would like to visit the gallery, you can do so by paying a right of entrance fee.

The presence of this renowned artist brings an extra charm to the house – actually like every hotel where the owner resides on site.

Therefore, we forgive some small imperfections in the rooms; they can easily be resolved. Being part of this special place, in a special neighbourhood in Barranco, makes all up for it.

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