Museum Tumbas Reales

Also known as Museum of the Lord of Sipan

Museum Tumbas Reales, one of the best museums in Peru

The Museum Tumbas Reales that is also known on under the name of “Museum of the Lord of Sipan” opened in 2002. It is located just 15 minutes outside of the city center of Chiclayo in the Lambayeque region on the coast of Northern Peru.

Musée Seigneur Sipan

The grave of the Lord of Sipan was discovered in 1987. The Museum was constructed in order to show his jewelry and other goldsmith work. During the archaeological excavations on the site of Sipan the archaeologists had found all these unbelievable treasures. Up till today, they are unique. The Lord of Sipan lived around the year 300 after JC. He was the Supreme Lord of the Moche population. A Moche pyramid was home to his grave. The archaeologists found there as well the even older graves of the Ancient Lord of Sipan and the Sacerdote, the priest.

The architecture of the Museum takes the shape of the truncated pyramids of the Moche culture. A visit at the Museum Tumbas Reales during your stay in Northern Peru is just perfect to better understand the traditions and the faith of the current inhabitants of the Lambayeque region.

        Lord of Sipan Museum Tumbas Reales    Tumb of the Lord of Sipan, Northern Peru

What do we see in the Museum Tumbas Reales ?

The Museum Tumbas Reales is one of the best museums in Peru. It exposes more than 2 000 gold works, over 400 pieces of jewelry in gold, silver and copper. At the same time it shows ceramics of high quality and feather jewelry.

You can also admire the funeral arrangment of the Lord of Sipan together with the offerings that have been put into his grave. He actually was buried with his principal and second wife, a dog, two lamas and his guardian. To make sure that the guardian would keep the grave correctly, he got buried with his feet cut off…

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