Welcome to Huancas !

The community of Huancas, a cute little village, is located about 10 km north of the town of Chachapoyas (about 15 minutes) at an altitude of 2,560 m. This means that it is a little colder here than at Chachapoyas and it is also more windy. Bring appropriate clothing !

Pottery Activity in Huancas

Huancas is a community in Northern Peru well known for its women that craft pottery for centuries. Their craft has been officially recognised and named Cultural Hertitage to the Nation of Peru in 2012.

One of the details regarding pottery of Huancas is that it is formed with a mixture of yellow clay, crushed stones and water. The ladies prepare it only by hand and decorate it with reliefs and a red varnish that shows simple motifs such as cords and zigzags. The cooking of the pottery is then made in an open fire place that is called “cusana.”

Huancas, Chachapoyas     Huancas, pottery village

The ladies produce a large variety of pots for various chores such as cooking, toasting the grains, keeping water or “chicha” and to serve drinks. They also prepare little flower vases and candle and perfume holders with little decorations. All their objects are the contemporary witness of an ancient culture.

What to see in Huancas and its surroundings ?

During festivities, of which there are many throughout the year, the locals decorate the whole village center. All the shops of the associations are open. You can stroll around and admire their pottery articles, woven objects or wooden sculptures. The houses are open and become restaurants. This is the ideal opportunity to have a Pollo à la plancha with potatoes and rice !

   Statue on the Plaza de Armas, Huancas, Amazonas.

Another important attraction in Huancas is its colonial church. Here you can see the image of the “Señor de los Milagros” (Lord of the miracles), unique in its kind.

From the center of the town you can walk to the view point of Cañon del Sonche. From there you have a spectacular view on the Andes. The canyon is more than 11 km long and up to 962 meters deep ! You certainly have the possibility to have a horseride in the countryside and enjoy the surroundings.

Canon del Sonche, Huancas, Amazonas.

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