Our suggestion of hotels in Northern Peru

Hotel Northern Peru

Our suggestion of hotels in Northern Peru

Peru today is one of the most visited destinations by tourists from all over the world; they are attracted not only for its delicious cuisine or archaeology, but also for its beautiful landscapes, its nature and its people. Less touristy so far, more and better hotels are currently opening.

If you plan to make a trip to Peru, one of the must-sees is the northern area of the country. It has a variety of places and activities that can be done and that are certainly worthwhile.

All this is complemented by a good experience of service and friendliness of its people and of course, its hotels, that is why we wanted to make this list suggesting the best hotels in Northern Peru.

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Lima City

Casa Nuestra Hotel

Casa Nuestra is perfect to escape from the noise of the city, it has spacious and colorful rooms. They are comfortable and with many closets, everything is very clean and the decoration is nice. The hotel is located in the Bohemian district of Barranco, it is a perfect place to rest and relax.

The owners of this Hotel Mrs. Carmen and her husband will also open a hotel in Cocachimba, the place of the Gocta waterfall in the Amazonas region in northern Peru.

Hotels in Northern Peru

Address : Jirón Tumbes 270

E.mail : info@casanuestraperu.com

Phone number : 01 248 8091

Rate from: S/. 166

The Second Home Hotel

The Second Home hotel is like visiting a museum full of works of art. You will not only find very peculiar works and paintings but also sculptures and furniture from the artist Victor Delfin. Situated in the Bohemian quarter of Barranco, The atmosphere is calm and pleasant, and its rooms are spacious and have a beautiful view of the canyon beaches.

Read our full article about our visit of the Second Home Hotel and meeting Victor Delfin.

Address : Jirón Domeyer 366

E.mail : liliandelfin@gmail.com

Phone number : 01 247 5522

Rate from: S/. 376

Casa Andina Standard Miraflores (Centro)

Casa Andina Standard, this comfortable and elegant hotel is located in the main tourist area of Lima in the district of Miraflores close to renowned restaurants and the Larcomar shopping center. It has 58 traditional and superior rooms, all accessible by lift.

Casa Andina is a Peruvian hotel chain with hotels that offer good value for your money and you know what to expect in each of their hotels.

Address : Petit Thouars Avenue 5444

E.mail : travel@casa-andina.com

Phone number : 01 447 0263

Rate from: S/. 337

Tierra Viva Hotel

With comfortable rooms, common areas, a modern environment and personalized service. The breakfast room is located on the last floor next to a spacious terrace, overlooking Miraflores’ most centric area. In Tierra Viva the decoration of the hotel is a reflection of the Peruvian culture. You will also find Tierra Viva hotels in other major cities in Peru.

Address : Benavides Avenue 1579

E.mail : info@tierravivahoteles.com

Phone number : 01 445 3613

Rate from: USD 100

Casa Suyay Hotel

The hotel Casa Suyay offers all the services that make expectations for quality, comfort, and perception largely overcome by our guests. The closeness, warmth, and location. Is a very traditional hotel built on a historic monument which its unique experience will be unmatched in the warmth of a traditional Casona miraflorina keeping much of the architectural richness and details that have been preserved and cherished throughout the years.

Address : Esperanza street 144 – Miraflores

Phone number : 01 242 9432

Rate from: USD 128

Huaraz City

San Sebastian Hotel

San Sebastian Hotel and Boutique is a beautiful hotel a few blocks from the center of town. With a spectacular view of the Cordillera Blanca, it’s a place to enjoy the best comforts. One of our favorite hotels in Huaraz.

 Address : Jirón Italia 1124

Phone number : 043 42 69 60

Rate from: S/. 221

El Tumi Hotel

Just two blocks from the Plaza de Armas in Huaraz, El Tumi offers you a warm atmosphere, personalized attention, and all the necessary services to make your experience in the Callejón de Huaylas unforgettable and pleasant.

The El Tumi has a kind of desuet charme with its long hallways and furniture “d’époque”.

Address : Jirón San Martin 1121

E.mail :  reservas@hoteleseltumi.com.pe

Phone number : 043 421 784

Rate from: S/. 234

Suiza Peruana Hotel

This comfortable hotel located a few minutes from the main square of Huaraz and with beautiful views of Peru’s highest peak. Suiza Peruana offers a warm atmosphere and good service. The hotel is new from 2017 and they are currently building a great breakfast place on top of the house.

Address : Jirón Federico Sal y Rosas 843

E.mail :  hotel@suizaperuana.com

Phone number : 043 425 263

Rate from: S/. 189

Trujillo City

Libertador Hotel

Libertador Hotel is located in the center of the city, directly on the Plaza de Armas. It is the most emblematic hotel in Trujillo that has a mixture of colonial and modern style. This is one of these hotels that combines great service with an authentic experience.

Address : Jirón Independencia 485

E.mail :  reservastrujillo@libertador.com.pe

Phone number : 044 232 741

Rate from: S/. 342

Victoria Suites Hotel

Victoria Suites has a modern infrastructure and excellent location in the center of Trujillo city. From here you will get to know the city in a more practical way. It has different exclusive services for your total comfort.

Address : Jirón Diego Almagro 327

E.mail :  reservas@victoriasuitehotel.pe

Phone number : 044 201 183

Rate from: S/. 261

Casa Andina Premium Hotel

Casa Andina Premium has 147 rooms distributed in 14 levels, Casa Andina Premium Hotel is considered one of the best hotels in Trujillo, you can enjoy its excellent restaurant, go to its gym or pool to relax for a while.

Address : El Golf Avenue 591, Urbanización las flores del Golf III

E.mail :  travel@casa-andina.com

Phone number : 044 480 760

Rate from: S/. 339

Hostel Naylamp – Huanchaco

This pleasant and comfortable hostel is an oasis of tranquility located right in front of Huanchaco beach. The Naylamp hostel has comfortable rooms, green areas, swimming pool and beautiful views to enjoy a relaxed sunset.

Address : Victor Larco Avenue 1420

E.mail :  naylamphuanchaco@hotmail.com

Phone number : 044 461 022

Rate from: S/. 81

Outside Trujillo

Moche Sanctuary Lodge

This is a new hotel, from the same owner of the Gocta Lodge in the region of Amazonas. The beautiful place has an elegant and comfortable design, besides having a beautiful garden and carob forests. Here in Moche Sanctuary Lodge the relaxed and comfortable environment makes it unique and special.

Address : Carretera Campiña de Moche Km 5, Trujillo

E.mail :  info@mochelodge.com

Phone number : 947 736 177

Rate from: S/. 279

Chiclayo City

Los Portales Hotel

Located in one of the main avenues of the city, Los Portales Chiclayo is the essence of urban comfort and luxury. Enjoy a combination of design, modern services and friendly hospitality in a hotel dedicated to offering the client a perfect experience.

Address : Saenz Peña Avenue 396

E.mail :  reservashoteles@losportales.com.pe

Phone number : 074 225 527

Rate from: S/. 228

Casa Andina Select Hotel

Casa Andina Select is a modern and functional hotel with an excellent location with 130 rooms. Enjoy its tasty meal at La Plaza Restaurant, the hotel has an exclusive and quality service where you can enjoy all the comforts.

Address : Federico Villarreal Avenue 115

E.mail :  travel@casa-andina.com

Phone number : 074 234 911

Rate from: S/. 227

Paraiso Hotel

The Paraiso hotel is located in the downtown area of the Chiclayo city, is characterized by the friendliness of its staff, its comfortable facilities and its prestige that has made it one of the most renowned hotels in northern Peru.

Address : Pedro Ruiz Avenue 1064

E.mail :  reservascix@hotelesparaiso.com.pe

Phone number : 074 228 161

Rate from: S/. 115

Solec Hotel

The Solec hotel has modern and comfortable rooms, the superior rooms have whirlpool baths to relax, the transport service totally free and an excellent location near the international airport of Chiclayo.

Address : Los Zafiros street 129

E.mail :  reservas@hotelesolec.com

Phone number : 074 475 321

Rate from: S/. 102

Outside Chiclayo

Los Horcones de Tucume

Los Horcones de Tucume is a quiet hotel, just a few hundred meters away from the entrance to the famous Pyramids of Tucume. It has a privileged view of the Pyramids and a beautiful garden to relax. The buildings are all made out of adobe bricks in a traditional style. The hotel supports different local associations and offers activities around the cooking of Pachamanca or construction with bamboo and mud.

We recommend not going there during the harvest of the rice fields (around February), as at this time you will have many mosquitoes.

Read our detailed article about the activities at Los Horcones de Tucume.

Address : Caserío San Antonio (50 m. of the North of Pyramids of Tucume)

E.mail :  reservas@loshorconesdetucume.com

Phone number : 951 831 705

Rate from: USD 77

Tarapoto City

Royal Kerkus Hotel

The Kerkus hotel is characterized by having a warm, friendly, silent service away from the city that manages to create a lodging service that combines soft tones of the Earth with a quiet internal garden to create an invitation to rest and escape.

Address : Alfonso Ugarte 2157

E.mail :  royalkerkushotel@hotmail.com

Phone number : 042 523 342

Rate from: S/. 110

La Patarashca Hotel

The Patarashca hotel is located near the main square of Tarapoto inside a green environment with heliconias and exotic plants. The rooms are decorated with wood and transmit harmony and contact with nature; it is one of the most representative hotels in the city.

Address : Jirón San Pablo de la Cruz 362

E.mail :  reservas@lapatarashca.com

Phone number : 042 527 554

Rate from: S/. 114


El Porton

The beautiful garden, which is the delight of beautiful birds that sing at dawn, make a stay here really enjoyable. The rooms are clean (although some of them are rather small) and with a very peculiar and colorful decoration. El Porton has a good location in the center of the city of Moyomaba and the owner is very friendly.

Read our detailed article about El Porton.

lobby hotel El Porton

Address : Jose de San Martín 445

Phone number : 042 562 900

Rate from: S/. 70

La Casa de Seizo

La Casa de Seizo is a wonderful place to relax and to recharge your battery. Be aware that you might not have any internet connection and most probably even the phoneline is bad. The rooms are spacious. By looking outside, you are surrounded by nature, trees, orchids and flowers, where you breathe pure air and it is very easy to relax completely and disconnect from the routine. Aurora and Seizo, the owners, serve a healthy breakfast with fruits and Seizo cooks delicious meals with the Tilapia right out of the pond.

Read our detailed article about La Casa de Seizo.

Hotel Casa de Seizo

Address : Next to the Thermal Baths of San Mateo

E.mail :  rumipata@hotmail.com

Phone number : 942 951 603

Rate from: S/. 100

Cajamarca City

Sol de Belen Hotel

The modern infrastructure and comfortable rooms are ideal for a pleasant rest, in addition to having basic services Sol de Belen Hotel has a good location in the historic center of the city of Cajamarca.

Address : Jirón Belen 636

E.mail :  reservas@hotelesbelen.com

Phone number : 076 607 210

Rate from: S/. 155

Cajamarca Hotel

Set in a typical Cajamarcinian house, its decoration, especially with wood, makes it very welcoming and warm, which transmits tranquility and comfort. In Cajamarca Hotel the service is personalized and it’s located half a block from the main square.

Address : Jirón Dos de Mayo 311

E.mail : reservas@hotelcajamarca.com.pe

Phone number : 076 362 532

Rate from: S/. 180

Los Jazmines Hotel

This quiet and rustic hotel, has a beautiful central garden with comfortable and clean rooms. Los Jazmines has all the basic services and a good service of the staff, besides being well located in the city. The hotel is managed by an association that supports a home for disabled children in Cajamarca. The income of the hotel helps to pay the hospital staff and special teachers. At the Cafeteria in Los Jazmines, you will be served by mute people.

Address : Jirón Amazonas 775

E.mail :  reservas@hospedajelosjazmines.com.pe

Phone number : 076 361 812

Rate from: S/.60

Chachapoyas City

La Casona Monsante Hotel

La Casona Monsante is a typical house of the Chachapoyas city with colonial balconies and a beautiful central garden. It has all the amenities and a good service. The entire hotel was renovated in 2016. Its rooms are spacious and comfortable. La Casona Monsante is perfectly situated in the pedestrian passage a few blocks from the Main Square of the city.

Address : Jirón Amazonas 746

E.mail :  informes@casonamonsante.com

Phone number : 041 477 702

Rate from: S/. 180

La Xalca Hotel

The delicate and modern decoration of La Xalca hotel makes it unique in the city. Without a doubt it is a very good option to stay if you are looking for a modern and beautiful place.

Address : Jirón Grau 940

E.mail :  reservas@laxalcahotel.com

Phone number : 041 479 106

Rate from: S/. 200

Achamaqui Hotel

The hotel Achamaqui is located a little outside of the Chachapoyas city, about 20 minutes by car. It has a privileged location in the Utcubamba valley and is a good starting point to the different archaeological sites. Achamaqui is surrounded by nature and the imposing hills that characterize this region. It has modern and comfortable environments.

Achamaqui hotel, hotels in northern Peru

Address : Km 39 carretera a Pedro Ruiz

E.mail :  reservas@achamaqui.com

Phone number : 933 189 224

Rate from: S/. 200

La Casona de Leymebamba (in Leymebamba)

This typical house located in the heart of the village of Leymebamba has a very detailed and particular decoration. each part of La Casona de Leymebamba, tells a story and captures us with its charm. Its owners are friendly and cheerful, here you feel at home.

Address : Jirón Amazonas 223

E.mail :  informes@casonadeleymebamba.com

Phone number : 041 830 106

Rate from: S/. 150

Rangra Wasi Hotel (in Leymebamba)

The audacious infrastructure of this Rangra Wasi is just wonderful. Its modern environments combined harmoniously with nature and made of natural stone give this place a unique charm. Each room besides being spacious and comfortable also has beautiful views of the Leymebamba Valley. The hotel is environmental friendly, uses the rain water and has solar panels to heat the water.

Address : 5 minutes from the Museum of Leymebamba

Phone number : 982 537 111

Rate from: S/. 450

Casa de Dona Lola, ACP Milpuj, Utcubamba Valley

The charm of this place is very special, not only for being a private conservation area but also for the tranquility and peace that exists in its environments. The contact with nature, the sound of animals and the air breeze make it unmistakable. But above all, the owners of Milpuj give it that magic touch that makes you feel very comfortable.

Perico and his mother Lola are very much involved in environmental conservation of the region of Amazonas as well as on educational basis for the schools in the villages around.

Address : Carretera Leymebamba – Nogalcucho

E.mail :  peherediarce@gmail.com

Phone number : 041 630 244

Rate from: S/. 180

Gocta Andes Lodge, Cocachimba

It is one of the iconic hotels of the Amazonas region. This beautiful place has a professional service and comfortable and elegant rooms, besides having the pool with a privileged view to the Gocta waterfall. This view is one of the most famous in Peru and also in the world. The experience in Gocta Lodge will be very pleasant and unforgettable.

Address : Caserío Cocachimba S/N Valera Bongara Cocachimba

E.mail :  info@goctalodge.com

Phone number : 042 526 694

Rate from: S/. 259

Tambo Sapalanchan Hotel, Lamud

The tranquillity, the silence and above all privacy is what reigns in this hotel. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and decorated with a very good taste with all the services that give us that feeling of being at home. Tambo Sapalanchan is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and its owners are very hospitable and friendly. Nora and Paul created the hotel a few years ago, after they fell in love with the region.

Today you can enjoy their hospitality and great food, or even participate in a cooking class with Chef Paul !

Read our detailed article about Tambo Sapalanchan.

Room Tambo Sapalanchan

Address : Km. 19.2 Carretera a Olto, Lámud

E.mail :  tambosapalanchan@gmail.com

Phone number : 997 550 736

Rate from: USD 120

Please be informed that usually the hotels in the Andes in Northern Peru don’t have any heating system. Portable heaters are still very rare, so you might want to prepare a little supplementary sweater in case it is cold. But temperatures are very seldom lower than 10°C.

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