Articles on responsible tourism: Our June selection

Articles on responsible tourism – Our June Selection

In our approach of responsible tourism we decided to make a new heading. This one aims to share articles that we would like to promote within our small community committed to a cleaner, more just world.

These articles will allow you to learn more, or simply to keep up to date with innovations in the field of responsible tourism.


Article 1 : Plastic pollution is a growing global problem – but there is plenty you can do to help

Plastic is a big issue. Many things are changing at the moment, France will ban plastic cutlery, plates and cups as of 2020. What is most needed is more awareness to the issue – and that we can cut on plastic in our daily life without changing our life. So what can be done concretely ?

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Article 2 : How green are ecotourism sites?

The article outlines several examples of how keeping sites green, regulations to be implemented or groups that pick-up the trash of others.

Why don’t we just try each of us to be ecoresponsible ? If we don’t throw anything (during our travel, but also in daily life), there won’t be tons of plastic in our seas…

I agree that there must be regulations, but for me, most important is education – and education all over the world, as even in Europe or the States, many people still don’t behave responsibly.

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Article 3 : Animal welfare: What travel agents aren’t telling you

Holiday companies claim to be changing their ways, but many are still ignoring cases of cruelty and neglect.

Travel agents are still promoting tourist attractions that are cruel to animals, according to research by Which? Travel. Many of the big names, including Tui, Trailfinders and Expedia, claim to be hot on the issue of animal welfare, but continue to sell tickets to unethical wildlife facilities.

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Article 4 : Overtourism – The Industry’s solutions

One of the solutions is to create alternative routes, exactly what Peru is doing at the moment by introducing the northern parts of Peru to the world, to protect Machu Picchu.

The holiday season in Europe is about to kick off. This is good news for some but perhaps creating more upset for locals who have been protesting about tourism numbers. Tourism overload is likely to be 2018’s biggest problem and one that has no definitive solution.

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Article  5 : Is Adventure Travel really sustainable?

Adventure travel, soft adventure travel – is that a sustainable kind of tourism ? The article relates many questions, also in regards to Overtourism, the need of “new products” and the changes tourism industry makes to adapt to clients’ needs.

It might seem strange, but most probably it is important to stay small or specialised as a travel company in order to leave most of the income in your destination. It is also essential for local partners not to change their lifestyle, but only see tourism as an additional income opportunity.

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Article 6 :  Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth

Another article about the impact of livestock. We don’t need to become vegetarians, but we definitely should change our daily diet, eat less meat and more vegetables.

As usual, it is only a question of being aware of it and make the change !

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Article 7 : Tourists told to stay away from Indian city of Shimla due to water crisis

Water supply will become a big issue in the next years – any kind of sustainable development has to take fresh water supply into consideration – first for local inhabitants, and only thereafter for tourists.

Consult the article ==> click here.


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