Who is Phima Voyages ?

Phima Voyages – a responsible travel agency specializing in Northern Peru

You know Peru ? You already heard and have seen many pictures of Machu Picchu, maybe as well of Arequipa and the Titicaca lake. But do you know Northern Peru ? No ? No worries, you are not the only ones 🙂 This is why we specialise in Northern Peru travel and this is why we created Phima Voyages.


Rural tourism built with the local habitants

In addition to creating an unforgettable trip for you, we have a mission to involve the local population. We work for the development of organised, responsible tourism in Northern Peru.

Indeed, having lived in the region of Chachapoyas (capital of the Amazonas region) for several years, we had the opportunity to build relationships of trust with the habitants. Often forgotten by tour operators, locals are not enough involved in the development of the tourism economy.

It is with this in mind that with Phima Voyages we create rural tourism in direct connection with the inhabitants so that they can improve their living conditions without changing their traditions. With our customised tours you will have an authentic immersion thanks to the kindness of our partners and local friends.


What you can expect with Phima Voyages

In the North you will live unique experiences, meet with welcoming people, exchange with local artists and – indulge into LOTS of history. Pre-Hispanic and pre-Incan civilisations left their footprints mainly in the Northern regions territory. Several of them are today registered as World Heritage Monuments by UNESCO.

We work closely with our local partners (hotels, drivers, guides or local agencies) that are always involved themselves in missions with the Peruvian government regarding responsible and fair tourism.


Responsible tourism, what does it mean ?

For us it means to work with locals wherever possible and to pay them a decent price. This is why we work for the “plus” of your trip (a special encounter, a traditional activity), but also for the “plus” of our local partners that are drivers, guides or homestays. An improvement of their daily conditions but also the continuation of ancestral cultures and traditions can be achieved by individual or small groups tourism, never by mass tourism. And still it has to be well planned in advance.

We believe that tourism should be beneficial to both parties (travelers and Peruvians). This is why our tours are based on exchange.

For further information, read our article about responsible tourism.


And finally – who are we ?

Philippe and Martina Capel, a French-German couple have created PhiMa Voyages in 2015 when they arrived in Northern Peru after 4 years of traveling the world with their boys. Both of them have a professional tourism background, but spent time teaching in local NGOs in Latin America. Sharing and discovering with others always were their passions.

Their mission is to create trips that give people the opporunity to meet and to exchange, to learn from each other through experiences and encounters and to enrich both parties involved (travelers and locals).

Martina is in charge of online marketing and sales and in regular contact with international professionals. She is also the one attending travel fairs and dealing with reservations coming from the German market.

What is your favorite place in Northern Peru ?

The private nature reserve of Tingana, close to Moyobamba. When you glide on the canoe through native forest without any noise and can see monkeys in their natural environment, this is just magical for me.


Philippe is in contact with the local communities and people we work with. He is in charge of the continuous development of our projects and to discover new places that we can offer to our travelers. At the same time, he writes the articles on our webpage. If there is a need of French-speaking guide, he also accompanies our clients in the Amazonas region.

What is your favorite place in Northern Peru ?

Apart from the incredible precolombian and pre-Inca civilisations of Northern Peru, my favorite place is the village of Cuispes. It is the departure point to the waterfall of Yumbilla, hiking through untouched primary forest, surrounded by birds and trees of incredible beauty.




PHima Voyages

Our operations manager is Carlo Magno. After several years spent traveling around the world as a security guard, he discovered his passion for tourism. He works on the field, always in contact with our local partners and being aware of the latest news. Like this he gives an excellent personnalised service to our clients. Carlo works with Phima Voyages, as he likes the philosophy of responsible tourism and to make a better life for our local partners.

What is your favorite place in Northern Peru ?

My favorite place in whole Northern Peru is the archaeological site of Kuelap, just in my own region of Amazonas.


Jhon Yelsin Garcia is an offical tour guide from Trujillo. After his pre-professional training at the Sun and Moon Temples he joined Phima Voyages. He wanted to become a professional guide to travel and to speak English. But he realized quickly that there was much more to it, not only traveling, but to meet people and to learn more about his own country and culture as well as life of the local people in different regions. Today he wants to travel more in his country to continue learning and to work with local  communities.

What is your favorite place in Northern Peru ?

I gave sandboard lessons to the youth in Salaverry, close to Trujillo. It is a marvellous sport to see the sunset and the stars at night.


Emeline Phima Voyages

Emeline is our local manager, charge of our clients traveling in Peru as well as of reservations in English and French.

Sher discovered Peru as a volunteer in Nasca in 2013 and from this time wanted to know more about this country. She fell in love with the diversity of its landscapes, food and culture.

She came back to Peru in 2017 to work in an association which objective is protecting native cultures in Iquitos in the center of the Amazon forest.

Since February 2019 she shares her passion for Peru by working for Phima Voyages in Chachapoyas.





Make you discover the regions of Northern Peru, create exchanges and memories that will stay with your forever, get off the beaten path – all this is the mission of our team at Phima Voyages.

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